Monday, August 5, 2019

Life In Lumber Week #19

Day 97:  Fill-In For Cassie
Was asked to come in Saturday at 5 to cover for a call-in, so said yes.  Ended working the front end, and the first two hours had its ups and downs.  Had a customer complain when I scanned one end table twice, so I zeroed it out and scanned the other, then adjusted the price.  She complained AGAIN, and then I looked at the actual price vs the price tag and it didn't add changed it back to the original price.  Makayla came over and helped smooth things over, then agreed with me after they'd left that if she'd kept her mouth shut and let me do my job, there would have been no confusion.  M:  "She didn't have to be such a dick about it though."

After a brief 15 minute break, I was told to go down to lumber.  Enjoyed my 'freedom' (up front, we're not allowed 10 feet past our register, and that doesn't exactly apply to lumber!), joking with the guys and doing the rest of the closing details.  At 8pm, however, just as I began to wipe down the counters, the floodgates opened and I was busy for an hour.  Had a customer arrive, wanting to pay for his drywall in advance, so that took time looking up the numbers.  Had another customer come down at closing time with three carts, and I didn't even have time to lock the doors or even close the overhead door.  McKrenda came down and filled the soda for me while I was ringing them up, and a woman even walked in and asked if we were still open.  MK:  "No, we closed ten minutes ago."

We skipped the bathrooms and clocked out at 9:40!

Day 98:  Switching Shifts With Brenda
During my shift on Sat, B asked if I'd work for her on Sun, and she'd work my Thurs.  So said yes, and after breakfast at Denny's, I clocked in at 9am.  Was on Reg 11 for two hours, then took my 1st 15.  After which, they put me on $8, and after lunch at 1:45 at McAllisters, was on #13 until the scanner died!  With 2 minutes to go in my shift, Cassie (#9) left to take her break and everyone got in MY line!  Didn't clock out until nearly 5:15!  No 'crazies', and enjoyed joking with Mary when she ordered me off my register (she needed to pull the till), and other than the 5pm 'rush', the day went fairly smoothly!

Here's hoping Monday is fairly quiet!

Day 99:  Back In Lumber:)
As soon as I arrived for work, my hearing batteries needed changed, so told Aggie to let Kem know I would be a few minutes late.  Things were fairly steady for the 1st 2 hours, with me forgetting to give a customer his $4.....Ian mocked me about it, ha ha, but forgot how to open the register, so MK had to do it!  Marci came down to relieve me for lunch, and I promptly had to help a customer in Tools.  After lunch, I returned to find Marci ringing up a large order, so I hopped on #2.....and discovered I needed to change my PW!  So after I did that, I rang them up plus one more while Marci finished up.

The hours of 7-9 slightly dragged.  #1 ran out of pennies, so had to be on #2 while I did my closing duties.  MK said we were NOT doing the soda count or the bathrooms, so that relieved a little of the burden.  At 8:30, MK came down and moved me back over to #1, because "a customer said you refused to give them back their $100"....which was bogus and proved not to be me!  I even told MK that "I think I would remember something like that, and I KNOW it didn't happen!"  Still, the till audit had to happen, and it proved me correct:  It hadn't been me.

At the end of the shift, Scott said he'd walk with MK if I'd finish bringing in the carts.  D arrived as I was retrieving the last one, so Alex got out and helped me.  She then helped me turn off the fans and take the trash down, then got to see the break room.  Scott got a jolt when she burst out of the aisle by CS, then realized I was right behind her!  Clocked out and we left.  I'll be at the State Fair Tues-Wed-Thurs, so my 100th day will be Friday:)

Also told MK I was available from 6-close Sat and all day Sunday if they needed me.

Here's hoping Friday goes well!

Day 100:
Shift began on a good note, and was fairly steady through 6pm.  After I returned from lunch, Aliscia was ringing up a large order, so I got to hang out for a few moments.  I rang up a few customers, then began my closing duties amid the straggling customers.  Around 8, however, the floodgates opened, and I didn't have time to fill the soda coolers, wipe down the counters, or even sweep!  No major incidents, thankfully, just BUSY!

Here's hoping things slow down again next week, and I can swap shifts with someone so I can have Thursday off.

Heading to Princeton tomorrow for the Collector's Carnival:)  State Fair was AWESOME; sold 18 books, ate a lambburger, rode the Re-Mix, and brought home some deep-fried cookie dough for the kids!

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