Tuesday, September 8, 2020

BB All Stars, Week #5

 HOH:  Christmas

BB Basement Challenge:

Total darkness; Nicole had to shed her pants; several had to shed shoes and socks in the 'goo'.  There were 3 new powers to find:

-Blocker, to block someone from being a replacement nominee Won by Christmas

-Disrupter, to secretly save a nominee from the block Won by David

-Replay, to give the outgoing HOH the chance to play in the current HOH comp Won by Dani


First of all, no Have Nots this week!

After a bunch of drama, brought on by Kayser's final speech, Christmas decided on Bayleigh and Da'Vonne.

Unfortunately, Christmas is close with Dani, whom everyone else wants to see evicted next.  Maybe C will get some intel on her and back door Dani, if either D or B save themselves??

*I've officially caught up, and will now try to post these the day after I watch.*

POV Comp:

Christmas, Da'Vonne, Bayleigh, Nicole, Dani, and Ian.

Ian had something medically wrong with him; it sounded as if either stress, or a panic attack, had gotten a hold of him.  He mentioned chest pains, but he's too young for a heart attack.  Medical told him to rest, and not play in the comp.

Math-Cath-A-Lon, where a math problem is shown, and the first player to lift their hands from the buzzer, aka 'track formation', and run to the other end when the correct problem is shown, wins.

At the end of the heats, Christmas had the Veto

Nic gave Day the $5K in order to wear the 'Slop-tard'

Bay has to ride a trike 500 laps

Dani gets to not be a Have Not for the rest of the season.

Then, Tyler decided to sacrifice his game so both B and D could stay, but Christmas wasn't having it.  She left the noms the same.

Both D and B were excited by the proposition, but as B said, would it seem like a pity play?  IMHO, if Christmas had taken him up and gotten him evicted this week, and say things lined up and went so B, DV, or D had ultimately won the game, would it still come back to the fact Tyler sacrificed himself?

He kept saying 'You two stand for so much, and I'm selfish."  Helloooo.....this is NOT the time to play politics and help the minorities win the game, because of false white guilt.  Maybe the producers need to make sure there are the same amount of diverse players next season, if the contestants are going to be so 'socially conscious' and 'oooh, I don't want to seem racist by voting out XYZ because of their skin color'.....It's a game for MONEY, people!

Eviction Night

Personally, I'd like to see Bayleigh go home.  1) She said she was done, and 2) She's just annoying.  At least DaVonne has some spunk in her, and doesn't have an annoying spouse, or act entitled!

As the episode unfolded, several things ticked me off.

-Bay, you were NOT tricked!  Tyler offered; Christmas refused it, because they're in an alliance together!  There was no promise of a done deal, so get over yourself.  Put on your big girl panties and deal with the fact you're on the block.

-The whole argument between Christmas and Da'Vonne. This is what happens when you rehash and rehash an explanation, trying to get your point across.  It only causes irritation, when you're tired of repeating yourself.  There is NO 'personal game'!  Everything you say in that house is game-worthy, unless you specify 'does not leave this room', but even then, sometimes it does.  D, for your sake, I hope when you watch this, you'll see WHY Christmas finally blew her cool.  You weren't listening to her!

-Bay's comment:  "If I did that (talk to the hand, clapping your hands), I'd be called 'ghetto', but for her to do it, it's all right?"  Again, you weren't listening to her, and she'd had enough!

-I did think it was slightly childish and rebellious of C not to 'go hide in the HOH room' (I think Kevin just wanted everything to cool off), but rather 'I live here too.  I can do what I want'.

-Da'Vonne 'loses her cool'.  Again, if you'd just stopped trying to justify everything, nothing would have boiled over.  I realize there's not a lot to do in the BB house, but talk game, swap personal stories.....but couldn't you or Christmas go work out your anger on the treadmill, rather than on each other?

-Day's political high-horse speech before eviction.  Get over yourself already!

There was fault on both sides.  They should have dropped the subject instead of each trying to justify their actions/decisions.  It was like watching siblings fight, in a very passive-aggressive way at the end.

I did feel for Cody, losing his grandfather on Labor Day, while he was cooped up in the house.

Thankfully, Bay was evicted, 9-0.

HOH Comp:  Endurance comp.  Find out Sunday who won, and which 3 house guests fell off, becoming the Have Nots for the week!

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