Monday, September 7, 2020

Life In Lumber, Week #57

 Day 250:

Was thrilled to arrive and discover Marci working in Lumber until 5!  Couldn't get the scanner on #2 to work, so the few people I rang up, I used #3.  Did the AP4Me, and M showed me how to access Lowes U, which we now have to do daily.  Tried to play the memory game; I was too slow and only got 2 matches.

After M left, was fairly steady all the way til 6, when MK sent me to lunch.  After lunch, I alternated closing duties and ringing up customers.  At the end, I got a compliment:  Chad told me I had one of the best attitudes among the cashiers.  When I good-naturedly 'complained' to Scott about why Marilyn was the Cashier of the Month, when I'd had my vest longer, he told me she had 9 surveys turned where CLOSE to anyone else!  Then he said, "I'd vote for you to be COTM'.

At lunch, I happened to glance at the wall, and noticed a certificate with my name on it, for the shoplifters I'd derailed two weeks ago.

When I left the break room, I ran into Scott, who asked, "Why are you last?  Everyone else left."

"Because I was waiting for Benjie to finish load a trailer, so I could close the door."

"Oh, okay."

Then, when he let me out, I bumped one of the doors and knocked it off the track.  I did fix it.

"Did I mention I'm a klutz?"

Outfit:  Brown tee, new capris, paper mask.

Day 251:

Arrived; did my Lowes U and the matching game, earning me 4 pairs this time:)

Shift was pleasantly slow; I even managed to write a page and a half of the new story.  Met Matthew's dad, and teased Matt about not bringing me any La Fiesta.

After lunch, did my closing duties and we all clocked out around 9:15.

Outfit:  Lowes tee, new capris, paper mask.

Day 252:

Today was nice and steady:) Did my Lowes U, but just as I started the matching game, got a customer.  So only answered the questions, and got one wrong.  No issues during my shift, except when my loader Austin took off 'for a few mins'....he'd left his wallet in his dorm room, then decided to go get a sandwich at Subway.  I don't think he clocked out, either. 

Was finished with the closing duties by 8:45. Think the pollen count was high; I kept coughing.

Saw Buddy Russell, and hugged him tight:)  Also looked at the Customer Service Pride Board and I'm 'Most Improved'.  About time, lol!

Asked Scott if I was in attendance danger; he said no, mine were all justified, and not to worry.

Outfit:  Flamingo tee, new capris, paper mask.

Day 253:

Things were nice and steady from 4-6:30.  Was irritated when Mgr B arrived and called for a Code 3....I had it under control....but then again, I did have two customers who paid for their $2000+ orders with cash, so maybe it was warranted....

Got another compliment; one customer, JF, upon hearing I'd be the one to load his LAR and ring him up, told Kim, "She's one of the good ones."  Thank you!!!

Had my closing duties finished by 8:30, and when MK came down to clean out my drawer, headed to the restroom to take care of an intestinal issue.

Outfit:  Black square-necked blouse, new capris, paper mask

Day 254:

Arrived early, so I could buy batteries and pet odor spray.  Brought Olivia LFAW (she paid me yesterday) and clocked in.  Out 5pm rush began at 4:30, and we were steady all the way til 6.  Went to lunch at 6:30, and Kyle surprised me:)  Jeanna was shopping in the LG area; I gave him my discount card.  Had a few customers between 7 and 8, then did closing duties.  Last customer was at 8:45.

Also had an unusual customer....he had pink hair and asked if someone could cut a board for him.  Not sure if 'he' was a 'she', but it looked like a 'he'.  Told Austin a 'gentleman with pink hair' was waiting for him at the saw.

Outfit:  Blue floral tee, dark capris, paper mask.

Day 255:

Was slightly late, due to the fact the husband drove me in, so he could use the truck.  Arrived to find Lumber in chaos; Reg #1 had malfunctioned and was refusing to work.  Robert (from CS) was on #2; Matthew was on #1, trying to fix it; and Olivia was at Charlie's register, where she could only take credit card orders.  When R was finished with his customer, I sweetly asked if he'd like to return to the CS desk.

"Oh yes, please....get me out of this hell hole!"

I stayed on #2 most of the shift; #1 never did come back to life.  We were steady all the way until 2, when I went on my 1st 15 min break, and when I came back, it had slowed down considerably.  When MK sent me to lunch at 4, I logged off and turned it over to O, but then five customers got in line.  I hopped on Charlie's and took care of the four credit-card-paying customers, then finally went to lunch (McAllister's) at 4:15.  D called as I was heading back to the break room and said he'd meet me there.  We had a nice lunch, then he returned me at 5:15.

I was alone the rest of the time; put the soda away (I'd done the count before leaving for lunch, then re-checked it upon return) and had the closing duties finished by 8:30.  Krissy came down to clean out the register; I locked the doors and put away the spray bottle.  Wally had very nicely grabbed my bag of trash and taken it to the hopper around 8.

Met a customer whose aunt may or may not be Tess Mackall.

Outfit:  White paint-spatter shirt, green vest, dark capris, paper mask

Day 256:

Today was a zoo.  Walked in at 11:30 to find both Reg going.  Things were steady all the way to 2pm, even when Matt gave me a break at 1.  Was able to get pop count started at 2, during the slight lull, but it started up again at 3, and went all the way until 7.  

D took me to LJS at 4:30, and then Matt relieved me at 6:30 for my 2nd break.  Managed to put the soda away by 7, then start on the closing duties.  Had a CFH who was picking up a garage door, then ask me about a discount.  Told her if there was one, it would have already been taken care of, or if she was using her store card.  She insisted the place in her hometown had the same door for $50 less.  After some haggling back and forth, MK told me to go ahead and give it to her (I'd even suggested paying, then hashing it out with mgmt on Mon....she said, "No, we're going to hash it out now!"). I just wanted her to leave so I could get back to the rest of the people in line!

One bright spot:  Logan ordered pizza, so I had two slices of sausage pizza during the shift:)

We managed to close on time!

Outfit:  Black/gray 'church' shirt, dark capris, paper mask

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