Monday, January 4, 2021

Life In Lumber, Week #74

 Day 324:

Ever just want to throttle someone?  I did.

Arrived, and took over for Hannah.  Was steady for an hour, then managed to sweep, consolidate the trash, and gather the paperwork.  Rob was my only tax exempt!  Normally, I arrive to find a stack; I wondered if I'd have any at all, then he walked in, lol....anyway, took my break, and when I returned, was steady for another hour.  Then all hell broke loose:  Customer A told me about cabinets having a coupon.  The one I'd had was expired, so HC C sent one to my printer.  While I was waiting, I hopped over to Charlie's register and Customer B said he was paying with card, so began ringing him up.  He had carpet, so called off the numbers to Darrin, then we figured out how many feet he had.  D did it wrong, so I corrected it.  Went to ring him up and turned out he wanted to pay part with card, the rest with cash.  Charlie's won't take cash, so had to put him on hold while I contacted C again.  In the meantime, got Customer A rang up and sent on his way.  C came down, and told me to call Jess.  J came down and told C to call IT.  So after I rang up 3 more customers and put away the soda, IT manages to move it to Reg #1.  Guy pays and is on his way.  I apologized profusely to both C and J; I'd been trying to multi-task!  Neither of them seemed upset, thank god!

Traci brought down the garden cart that Toni set back for me last week:)  Turns out it's slightly damaged, so got it for $5.

At 8, began sanitizing after doing AP4Me.  Will have to schedule more time for LU; I have 6 questions over Bias training.  Ugh.

Locked the doors and had to wait for K to return with hopper.  Clocked out around 9:20.

Outfit:  White plaid shirt, black tank, dark jeggings, elephant mask.

Day 325:

Arrived, and things were slower today.  Was able to finally get my LU finished, and passed my refresher course on biases.  Discovered my broom was missing.  Consolidated trash, gathered paperwork, and did the pop count.  Customer A arrives and realizes his card keeps declining.  Asked me if we could set it aside while he went to the bank.  I said sure, and invoiced it.  By 7pm, I realize he's still not returned, so put his Mt. Dew back in cooler.  Went to break shortly after, and then began my closing duties.  Customer B dumped a lot of plumbing; rang it up, then he decided he didn't need 6 items.  Loaded his LAR, and he was out the door.  Customers C-D didn't cause me any issues, and locked the door behind them.

D called me as I was heading up front, and said he'd take me to Denny's!  As soon as I clocked out, and my van was defrosted, I joined him.

Outfit:  Red snowflake sweater, dark jeggings, Starry Night mask.

Day 326:  Marci's Back!

Arrived and gave Marci her Bridges copy, then was steady until 6.  Did pop count, only to discover we weren't doing it, and did the preliminary closing duties.  Located my broom outside, so was able to do a thorough sweeping, and mucked out under all the mats and trash cans.  Alexa relieved me at 7, and my phone shut itself off.  When I returned, was slow until 8:30, so sanitized everything.  Only had maybe 3 customers after that, and locked the doors after the last customer.

Asthma acted up; puffed once before work, again at the beginning of my shift, and a 3rd time around 8pm.

Outfit:  Red/black plaid, black tank, dark jeggings, Starry Night mask.

Day 327:

M told me today they found cancer in one of her breasts.  She goes to dr on Mon to discuss treatment and meet docs.

Arrived; did LU before clocking in.  Things were slow for the 1st hour, so was able to do my lesson plan (explaining wages, breaks, OT, etc) and pop count.  Customer A decided to give me change as soon as I took his $$; forgot to calculate the dollar.  Thankfully, the guy behind him paid in cash.

Customer B couldn't find his card, so set his bag aside.  He returned later and said he'd go get it; it was found in the street by his mom's house!  He arrived again and said he was going to get a key made.  Thought I saw him coming and rang up his items....then realized it wasn't him!  Both had same jacket, lol!  Rang up C, then B arrived and paid for his items.

Customer D had countertops; only 2 rang up, but thankfully she had the pictures with the item #s!  Told her she was my fave customer of the day.

Only needed 2 O/Rs....a discounted light and a cull pack.

After my break, did the closing duties and had three customers at the end.  Put away the return items and clocked out.

Outfit:  Red long-sleeved shirt, black/white 'butterfly', dark jeggings.  Blue Plaid mask.

Day 328:

Arrived; for the first 30 mins, Matt rang up the customers while I did the soda count and gathered paperwork.  Took over for him and was steady until 7.  Managed to sweep the floor.  Matt came down and relieved me long enough to make a pit stop and collect my lunch, then ate it between customers.  Began sanitizing at 8, and had zero issues with customers.  In fact, the one with the countertops had the item #!  Told her she was officially my favorite customer of the day.

Had the dropsies again.  Knocked the bag stand off #2, dropped the hand sanitizer bottle and a few plumbing fittings.

Outfit:  Colts jersey, faded jeggings, Blue Plaid mask

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