Monday, February 14, 2022

Life In Lumber Y3, W46

 Day 193: $5,013

Brought in Kroger Bakery cookies, which was appreciated. Took over for B and helped Kerri with her LU, and got frustrated by her stressing over the answers.  It made me stressed, as I was trying to help her, ring up customers, and find a loading ticket for Josh in Flooring,  When Loader AW walked in, I had him walk with me to aisle 18, where I vented my frustration.  Then HC M came down and I 'beat her up' when she revealed she's moving to Fla next month.  Later, I told her I didn't know why I had such a short fuse, or a low tolerance for BS....HC J said it was b/c of the coming full moon.

Was fairly slow; did my own LU and AP4Me, then went to lunch at 7.  When I returned, I swept, and mucked out under the mats, and pulled the trash.  We only needed 3 bottles of soda, so didn't have to fill out the chart.

Loaders AW and K set the safety pallets, and when they brought the forklift in, AW accidentally hit the display of screws in aisle 19; fortunately, we didn't have any customers.  In fact, we didn't have any customers from 8-9, with the exception of one guy who needed a water heater.  Locked the doors after he left, and clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Red snowflake sweater, new faded jeggings, LJs, blue fingerless gloves, zircon studs, red sparkle mask

Day 194:  $3,411

Arrived late, due to catching a slow train.  Took over for B, and rang up a handful of customers, then checked the soda coolers; they were full, so didn't have to do the count:)  Did the prelim duties, brought in a few carts, and did some writing.  Began sweeping at 6, and was sent to break at 7:15. Didn't have a single customer from 6-7. When I returned, I pulled the trash, and rang up the few customers who straggled in (temps were in the 50s today!).  Two of my favorite customers came in; one couple as I was going to break, and the 2nd one around 8:30, and checked him out after I'd locked the doors.  Loaders AM and N set the safety pallets and brought in the concrete at 8:45, so when HC M cleaned me out, all I had to do was take the trash to the hopper and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:15.

Just felt awful at work; I think the body is trying to catch something.  Beautiful weather, but I'm glad I took my hooded zip up with me; kept getting hot/cold all shift.  Thank God I'm off tomorrow!

Outfit:  Black/white plaid shirt, blue tank, new faded jeggings, LJs, zircon studs, red sparkle mask

Day 195:  $2,234

Arrived early, in order to grab some Tide, bleach, Dawn refills, toilet paper, and Bounty.  Was not exactly thrilled to see ASM K there, but hoped maybe she wouldn't be there much longer?  Hopes were dashed after I saw the schedule; she was closing.  Maybe she'd stay up front.

After arriving in Lumber, I saw what I thought was a dog's mess in aisle 19; grabbed a paper towel, but it was only wood shavings.  Took over for B, then discovered soda was already filled.  Began doing the prelim duties, and as I'm gathering the trash, a customer wanders by, but doesn't approach.  I'm in the process of heading back to the register when K greets him and he says he wants to check out.

"She can get you at #1."

I rang him up, then finished the trash and pushed one cart into #20, then as I pushed a flat cart, saw a customer approach, so pushed it in front of the Pro soda cooler.  K asked why I'd left it there; I politely pointed out the customer coming toward me.  Took care of the customer, then finished putting the cart in #21.

Began doing my LU, and the rest of my training for the next hour, and K gave Loaders M (who's back from QT) and K a 'lesson in Pro', and mentioned the Pro vests.  She asked me, and I turned my back to show her I had one on.  "You shouldn't be wearing one; you should have a regular one..."

My blood boiled.  I've been there nearly 3 years; I DESERVE to wear one.  HC C wears one, and so does Noel, and a few others I've seen.  Is she going to b*tch about THEM?

Finally, at 8:30, K tells me to 'don't forget to lock the doors'.....AS IF!  Geez....give me some credit, please?

It hit me; she micro-manages me and I DON'T LIKE IT!!!

Loader K took my trash to the hopper, and when HC C cleaned me out, I walked her up front and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:15.

Icy conditions; the driver's side door was frozen open.  Put $20 in my tank so I wouldn't run out of gas as I tried to warm up the car, but S had to break it free.  Thank GOD I'm off the next two days!!

Outfit:  Gray Mama Bear sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, LJs, zircon earrings, Monet mask

Day 196:  Rare Sunday $12,090

Day began on a sour note, when the parking spot I wanted was grabbed right as I pulled in. Took the one to the left of it. Arrived and began ringing up customers, then started doing my annual Active Shooter training while ringing up others.  Finished it, then took the survey, and did the LU. Em went to lunch at 1 and Liv came down; brought in carts and chatted.  When E came back, I took my break, then was thrilled when one of my favorite couples were there, and rang them up.  Also saw Shirley R, whom I've not seen for a while, and we chatted while it was slow.  Turns out the roller coaster on 41 was taken down due to homeowner's insurance going up "b/c someone could get hurt and sue you"....yeah, and it's been up HOW LONG w/o incident???  *eye roll*

Went to lunch at 4 (McA's) and when I came back, E hung around for a while before they sent her home. Marilyn and I worked well together, and took my final break at 5:40.  Did the closing duties, and M left at 8. HC H had me lock the doors at 7:55, but when we opened the large door so Brock could set the safety pallets, a customer ran in, saying he had a water leak and would be quick.  He finally showed up at 8:15, and I rang him up, then let him out.  Loader AM tried to take the hopper, but a semi was parked in front of the trash compactor.  Clocked out at 8:25.

Outfit:  Home Grown sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, LJs, zircon earrings, blue fingerless gloves, Shark mask.

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