Monday, December 5, 2022

Life In Lumber: Y4, W41

 Day 173:  $8,658 (and 9 cents)

Shift began on a high note; everyone was in good spirits, and the 1st hour passed quickly. At 4, I took some returns back to Plumbing, Tools, and Fashion Bath, then took a pit stop. B left at 5 and things slowed down a little.  Did the prelim duties and swept the entire area, then mucked out the mats, did my LU and AP4Me.  Lex sent me to lunch at 7:30, and when I returned, began sanitizing amd pulling trash.  My final 2 customers had issues.  A had several different types of plywood; after paying and looking at his receipt, discovered he had loaded the wrong ones, and it took several minutes to get it straightened out. Then B objected to the price of a smoke alarm; sent him to CS.  After everyone left, locked the doors and returned an item to Millwork and an item to Tools. Clocked out at 9:30,

Outfit:  Maroon 3/4 length blouse, black vest, dark jeggings, ljs, silver diamond-shaped earrings, blue fingerless gloves.

Day 174:  $2,566 (and 57 cents)

Tonight was quiet.  It rained, so the store was fairly empty by 6.  Did the closing duties and swept, did my LU, and mucked out the mats.  Ate a .ag of Chex mix; I was hungry.  At 8, realized I was not getting my break, so ended up checking out the late-stragglers, even gently throwing out a hint to three guys we were closing.  Loader AM brought in the concrete and the cull cart; I locked the doors, took the trash down, then returned items to Tools and Paint, then took the loading tickets and tax exempts up front.  Took a pit stop, then went to Receiving to take care of the trash Sebass had just shoved down there.  Clocked out at 9:30.  

Outfit:  Palm tree sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, sea horses, blue fingerless gloves.

Day 175:  $5,855 (and 86 cents)

Arrived and jumped on #3 to help with the line, but first the register malfunctioned, and had to exit out and relog in.  Rang up two customers before hopping over to 2 while B was on break....then Kem finally left and I was able to get on #1!  At 6, things calmed down and did the prelim duties, and swept.  ASM K was hovering, so didn't do my LU. Thankfully, she didn't hover for long!  Went to lunch at 7, and when I returned, found ASM K dealing with two customers and a third came over to set up a delivery of drywall.  Had two customers try to write a check; the 1st one whipped out her credit card and told her friend to make the check out to her; the 2nd one I invoiced and sent them up front, since they had a bunch of lumber.  Mucked out the mats, brought in the cull carts, sanitized the registers, pulled the trash.  Locked the doors at 9 and took the trash down, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:20, then helped HC A, Lex, and ASM K bring in the final carts.

Outfit:  Blue Whitehorse sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, Yukon danglies, blue fingerless gloves

Off til next Monday!

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