Friday, September 1, 2023

September Goals

 I actually had a productive month!

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 239)  8/7:  237

-Finish Sage Check!  8/22 at 12:30 am!  14,883 words
-Finish new short story (BKM) Not yet...
-Finish short story #2 (singer)  Not yet....
-WRITE short story #3 (Tales) 8/22:  Started writing
-Find cover artist for DYL/AU Omnibuses Emailed Matt about the cover for DYL....
-Do well at Hannah House  Sold 2
-Do well at Geek Con Sold 3:)
-Have fun at Shia and Tristan's wedding Check:)
-Enjoy the trip to St. Louis with the granddaughter  Check!  Cards won 6-2, so game was exciting, and was able to ride the bus, so WHEW!
-Celebrate Mom's birthday  Check!
-Work enough hours for events, inventory, and build up savings Find out Sept 8th....
-Watch Mrs. Maisel (Check!) and 80 For Brady (Check!), plus whatever other movies are on Prime Check! Daisy Jones and The Six; Downton Abbey:  New Era;  Royal Red White and Blue
-Start evicting items from Brown House  Not yet...
-Convert two VHS tapes to DVD ($22 ea) Not yet....

Books Read:  11
           Print:  6
        E-book:  5
            DNF:  1

2023 Events:

Sept 9th:  Library Con, Fowler, In  Only 4 people showed; did manage to sell 3:)

Sept 13/14th:  GSH (MCV)  11-2:30 (leave at 2?) Sold 1:)

Sept 15-16th:  Cil-Con, Effingham, Il $50 (bring own tables) Sold 4:)

23rd:   Hoosier Indie Author Book Fair, The Big Tent, 5502 South Evans Rd., Gas City, IN (bring own tables jic) Sold 4:)

Oct 6th:  First Friday Art Walk

Oct 7th:  GSH Pet Event, Gregg Park

Oct 14-15th:  VoltCon, Wyndham West, Indpls Subbed application and was approved:)  Need to pay $40 by Aug 25th, then another $40 soon after.  8/11:  Pd $40; 8/25:  Pd $40

Oct 18th:  GSH (St. Claire office)  11-3

Oct 21st:  Meet Me In Graceland, Memphis, TN (funds pending) $100

Nov 8-12:  Indianapolis Christmas Gift and Hobby Show $350 1/27:  Pd $60; 3/3: Pd $60; 4/7:  Pd $60; 4/21:  Pd $30 (Owe $140); 5/5 $30 (Owe 80 (missed a payment somewhere!)); Pd $30 6/16 (owe $50); Pd $30 8/11 (owe $20) PD OFF 8/25!!!

Nov 29-30th: GSH 7-5

2024 Events:

March 16th??  Magic of Books, Columbus, In ($40-50)

March:  GSH 7-5

May 3-4:  SI-Con, Benton, Il (pd April 1st, 2023)

June:  Superman Celebration, Metropolis, Il

July:  Heroes For Kids (pd 2022)

July:  Imaginarium, Louisville, KY

August:  IABE, Terre Haute, IN

September Goals:
-Lose 5 lbs (Start:)
-Send DYL to editor  9/22:  Paid $25
-Get cover art for DYL  9/15:  Was told it was pending
-Finish Tales story (Sept 15th) Check!  Finished 2am Friday the 22nd
-Finish BKM story
-Finish singer story
-Do well/Have fun at Library/Fez Con Check! Sold 3, then turned around and bought 1 of Donna's and 2 from Karl.
-Have fun at MHS get together Check! Adam Fleming (4th grade b/f), Jeano Hudgins, and Tim Freels made it!  Need to look up Don White,,,,he rode my bus and lived two doors down from Adam.  Geez....
-Do well at GSH event Sold 1; not very many 'wanderers'
-Do well at Cil-Con Sold 4; traveling companion pissed me off.
-Do well at Gas City event  Sold 4:)
-Log into Hulu and watch SE 21 and 22 of SVU Found it on Peacock....
-Work enough hours to pay for ^ events, inventory, and build up savings
-Start evicting items from Brown House
-Convert 2 VHS to DVD ($44)

September Reading Schedule:
The Glassmaker's Wife-Lee Martin  DRR!  Excellent story!  I've not read Rick Kelshimer's version, but I hope to one day, just to compare history-wise.
Evergreen-Sara Goodwin RR!  Very interesting stories:)
Piercing The Darkness-Frank Peretti
Propher-Frank Peretti
Let The Drum Speak-Linda Lay Shuler
Kalahari Typing School For Men-Alexander McCall Smith
Cupboard Full of Life-AMS
The Wedding Veil-Kristy Woodson Harvey
The Lost Five-K.L. Wilboorn
The Whispers From Beyond -KL Wilborn
That Certain Spark-Cathy Marie Hake
Stars of Fortune-Nora Roberts
The Other Queen-Philippa Gregory
The American Way-Helene Stapinski/Bonnie Siegler
Dino Horrors-Matt Schorr
The Faerie of Central Park-Bruce McGraw
The Fable of Wren-Rue Sparks
Marathonarium Anthology-Carma Hadley Shoemaker, et al
She's Not Broken-Kelsey Day (Sandy Lender)
The Women in Black-Madeleine St. John
Shattered Dreams-Jamie Armbrister
A Quiet Strength-Janette Oke
Valley of the Shaman-Arlen Andrews
Joyful Poems For Children-James Whitcomb Riley
I Heard God Laugh-Matthew Kelly
Life Is Messy-Matthew Kelly
Franklin and Eleanor

Too Late For Goodbye-Jean Joachim DRR!  Loved this story!
Texas Twist-Cynthia D'Alba
Behind Every Great Man-Roz Lee (computer download pdf)

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