Monday, September 11, 2023

Life in Lumbert: Y5, W 29

 Day 127:  $11,260

Arrived and took over for Kem; was instantly busy.  Did the prelim duties at 4, and HC C sent me to lunch at 5:30, and requested I only take 30 mins.  Returned, and had to do one phone order, plus figure out what the customer was talking about!  Finally figured out she was talking about the LCA. Didn't have anyone from 7:30-close, so swept, did AP4Me and LU, pulled trash, and sanitized the registers.  Locked the doors and returned items to Electrical, then straightened the carts in #19 and 20, and waited for Mgr Ian to bring in the concrete.

ASM K called in again.

Outfit:  Blue LU, new capris, sea horses

Day 128:  $9577 (even!)

Day began on a somber note, as I went to Bill's funeral. Arrived and took over for K, and was fairly busy for the 1st hour.  Did the prelim duties, and the soda count. Steph sent me to break at 5, and then to lunch at 7.  Swept and pulled trash, then sanitized the registers.  T surprised me be showing up; I wasn't busy, so we chatted for a few mins. Did my LU; locked the doors at 10.  Mgr Charlie brought in the concrete, and I took the trash to the hopper and returned items to Aisle 52 and Millwork.  Clocked out at 10:25.

ASM K has CV!

Outfit:  Teal Lularoe, new capris, small gold hoops

Day 129:  $ $7815

Arrived and watched HC K learn the register. Kem left at 3, and I hopped on #2. Was able to do my LU and check my email. At 5:30, HC K went up front, and Austin sent me to break.  Came back and did the prelim duties. Isabelle sent me to lunch at 6, and mildly drove me nuts with her 'I don't know how to page...' I don't know how to look up credit cards...' But when I returned an hour later, she had discovered she LOVES being in lumber!  So I showed her how to do the pop count, and she went to go get it. I swept the area, mucked out the mats, and sanitized the registers.  Belle returned and we put away the soda. Locked the doors at 10; Mgr G took the trash and brought in the concrete.  Returned items to drywall and hardware.  Clocked out at 10:25.

Felt as if I'm trying to catch something all afternoon.  Probably gonna call in tomorrow.

Outfit:  Blue Vegas tee, new capris, silver chains

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