Monday, September 18, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W 30

 Day 130:  $7371

Arrived at 3 and Brenda was already in K;s place, but she was happy to see me.  Hopped on #2 and helped with the line, fronted the soda, did my AP4Me and LU. Took a quick pit stop at 4:45, and when B left at 5, hopped on #1 and the pinpad froze until I rang up everyone in line.  Used Jeremy's register for cards.  Finally unplugged the pinpad and rebooted it, and it worked fine from then on. Did the prelim duties. Had to do a refund/rebill, when a customer didn't have enough on his card.  ASM S came down and did it.  Austin sent me to break at 8, and then I did the soda count and began sweeping.  A returned and put the soda away, I pulled the trash, mucked out the mats, and sanitized the registers and counters. Loader D brought in the concrete at 9:30 (he leaves at 10) and Loader J took the trash down.  ASM Jess cleaned me out at 10, and returned items to Plumbing and Electrical.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Am worried about HC C; she never returned from lunch.  Also found out someone else quit after their 1st break.

ASM K left at 3.

Outfit:  Red LU tee, new capris, small textured hoops

Day 131:  $9628

Arrived and had a chat with ASM Shan about my schedule.  Took over for Kem, and got hit with an intestinal issue 30 mins later.  Pro S watched the register for me. Things settled down, and Olivia sent me to lunch at 5:30. Returned and did the prelim duties, and swept the floor. O returned again at 8:30 for my break, and afterward, pulled trash, mucked the mats, did my LU, and sanitized the registers, Loader D brought in the concrete; I locked the side doors. He took the trash and left at 10; my final customer left at the same time; I closed the large door. ASM Sc cleaned me out, and I returned items to Tools and Electrical, then put up my vest. Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K left at 3.

Outfit:  Black Alaskan tee, new capris, small gold hoops.

Day 132:  $9980

Arrived and took over for K.  Did the prelim duties at 4, and after a small rush at 5, Meredith sent me to break. When I returned, fronted the soda, printed out my paystub, did my LU, and began sweeping. Olivia sent me lunch at 8, and when I returned, pulled trash and sanitized.  Loader D brought in the concrete; I locked the doors and brought in the cull cart. Final customer left at 10; HC B cleaned me out; went out in the parking lot and retrieved 2 carts, then closed the large door. Took the trash to the hopper and returned an item to Plumbing, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:20.

ASM K was off:)

Outfit:  LJHS band tee, faded capris, treble clefs

Day 133:  $9917

Arrived and took over for K. Did my LU, then the prelim duties at 4. Rob sent me to lunch at 5, and when I returned, worked on my short story and rang up customers. Did the soda count at 7:30, and put them away at 8:30. Pulled trash at 9 and spot-swept, then sanitized the coffee bar. Locked the side doors at 9:30 so Loader D could bring in the concrete, and after HC B cleaned me out, shut the large door and returned items to Plumbing and Electrical. Clocked out at 10:20.

ASM K was off:)

Outfit:  Vegas Indian Motorcycle tee, faded capris, silver and sapphire hoops.

Off to Gas City for the weekend!

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