Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Be Back Tomorrow....

I'm off to do some more ruthless de-cluttering of my storage unit and unearth my jewelry box. I've managed to lose the Ziplock bag with my two favorite pairs of earrings, acquired in the past three years, and I've also lost several backs; mates to other earrings bought in the last two months; and with the holidays approaching, I'd like to wear my special holiday ones this year!

I also have to locate the rest of my books.

Come back tomorrow; author Victoria Blisse will be my guest!

RIP Tom Bosley aka 'Mr. C' from Happy Days. You were my 'TV Dad' for many years!


Linda Kage said...

Good luck on your hunt.

Unknown said...

Hope you find everything you're looking for.

Molly Daniels said...

I found 13 boxes of books; my jewelry box; my old nightstand; the organ bench; and the back wall of the unit! Oh happy day:)

Friday, weather permitting, we attack the other side. Hubby is trying to locate his toolbox and a box with his Cabelos souveniers.

Also discovered an old, old picture taken of us and K when he was six months old. Oh, to be that skinny again!