Friday, October 8, 2010

Flashback Friday

Happy Birthday to my 'big' little sister, Wendy:) She turned 40 yesterday, and yes Mom, both your daughters ARE in their 40's now!

At the young age of 4.5, the only thing I remember is being at Grandma's house when I was called to the phone to be told I now had a little sister. I always thought I 'named her' after the Wendy in the Peter Pan story; my mother claims I had a playmate named Wendy and insisted on the name. Who knows? Anyway, fourteen years later she passed me in height; was my partner in crime at age 4 as we consumed Smarties at 5am while on vacation; and rarily fight when at theme parks together.

This is another busy weekend for us. I'll be at our Fall Festival tomorrow and on 10/10/10, the Mockingbird Book Emporium is having a 'Ten'-tilizing event: Ten authors on the tenth day of the tenth month of the 'tenth' year. I'm hoping and praying my inventory arrives today so I'll actually have books to sell!

And to my friends at RomantiCon this weekend: Have a blast and don't forget to post pictures and anecdotes about your trip!


Linda Kage said...

Happy birthday to sis!! I just had my on Monday. 31, ugg.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks for stopping by Linda:) Maybe next year we can BOTH go to RomantiCon:)