Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Catching Up

I never dreamed having an actual job would make my life so hectic!

Don't get me wrong; I LOVE my job! I mean, what other job would let me read, blog, chat, and write during my 5-6 hour shift? Sometimes I think I get more accomplished here than at home.

But here's the thing: The husband unit is not holding up his end of the bargain. I still have to make the bed, cook dinner, supervise homework, make all the phone calls, find the bills so he can pay them, do the laundry, AND find time to watch my 4 1/2 hours of TV shows per week.

Oh yeah...and then there's my 'other' job.

You know, the one where I blog daily, chat with my online friends, and add words to blank documents? Suddenly that's confined to my 'day' job.

Last night I had the audacity to attend a chat. The first two hours were great (well, okay; I didn't get to post any of Kenzie's Wild At Heart, as my edits never arrived), but during the final half hour, the youngling suddenly brought it to my attention he had homework. And it was 'my' fault, because no one checked his backpack. The other parent in the house 'ordered' me to 'get off that damn computer RIGHT NOW' and monitor the homework. Why couldn't he do it? Stargate was on.

I compromised. I posted a 'gotta go' message and helped my youngling. Five minutes later, he was finished and tucked in bed, no story tonight. Then I tried to respond to another message. And suddenly I was denied access. So I clicked over to my email and sent the host a 'good night' email. Logged off; shut down the computer, and went to bed. Turns out Yahoo crashed, so nobody was able to post the polite 'goodbye' message.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah....what happened to dual parenting? I guess when he got in the habit of watching TV day and night, due to his 'time off', it continues even though he officially can't work anymore.

Hand me that skillet; there's going to be a serious 're-distribution of chores' discussion!

In Happier News:
Last week at Ball State was fun:) Maybe I'll get around to uploading the pictures in a few days. Daughter has until Feb 1st to apply, and needs 3 references from teachers, plus a parent letter from me. She didn't get to take her SAT's after all, so today she's taking her PSAT's.

K came home for the weekend, and we had a nice visit! He left last night and will return home for Thanksgiving. And the youngling was thrilled when his Big Brother took him to school yesterday, and picked him up afterward:)

Have a good day! Tomorrow, Briana Martini will be here, and then on Friday, we flash back to October 1980, and part 2 of the story:)


Unknown said...

I have a cast iron skillet..would you like to borrow it? ;)

Molly Daniels said...

LOL:) Thanks Amber; I have my choice of three, ranging from very small to dutch oven size!

F. D. Davis said...

LOL. Your post was funny. After reading your guest post, the one I came on to read I continued. Love it.