Monday, October 4, 2010

RIP Kayley

Tragedy struck over the weekend for former acquaintances. Their 18-yr-old daughter Kayley was riding in the back seat of a car when for whatever reason, the driver left the road. She was killed instantly; the others rushed to the hospital. Alcohol is suspected as a contributing factor to the accident; the fact Kayley wasn't wearing her seat belt is another.

I met Kayley when she and my son K were in the 6th grade. She was a cheerleader for the boys' basketball team; her mother was the manager at one of our favorite restaurants; her little brother was on the preschool bus where I was a monitor.

I know we can't protect our kids all the time, but what impressed me in talking to K last night was the fact that a) if he's been with friends who are drinking, he makes sure they either don't drive, or he refuses to get in the car and b) he makes sure everyone who rides with him wears their seat belt. The lessons we pound into our kids' minds have a way of sticking with them, after all! I used to tell my kids (and still do, to the youngling!) the car can't be put into 'park' until everyone's seat belt is fastened.

And more importantly, please, please, PLEASE remind your kids not to drink and drive, or at least don't let friends drink and drive. Refuse to get in the car; take their car keys, get a designated whatever it takes.

I didn't know Kayley was down here at our local college, studying Culinary Arts. So hearts and prayers to her family on this tragic loss which could have been prevented. I hope her former classmates will learn from this and be safe.

Switching gears, go over to BC Brown's blog and meet YA author PM Russell:) Also, Happy Release Day to Cindy Spencer Pape!

Currently Reading: E-book-wise, I'm still on Wicked Cool. Print-wise, I finished Shopaholic Takes Manhattan; Shopaholic Ties The Knot; and Reclaiming Her Story: Ancient Women of the Bible. I'm now halfway through He's Just Not That Into You, and have identified several past relationships and their errors, LOL:)

Not working today; we have an appointment, plus both S and W are having intestinal issues. I sincerely hope I don't get it, as S and I travel tomorrow to Ball State! B.A. Tortunga will be here to entertain you tomorrow. I might be back on Wednesday; it depends on if we take the laptop with us to Muncie. So play nicely while I'm gone?

I also start re-vamping Love Is Sober and re-titling it Love On The Rocks. I've learned sooooo much since that book initially came out; hopefully this time around it will be even better. I'll report my progress later.

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Brynn Paulin said...

I have He's Just Not That Into You on CD. It's definitely a treat to listen to. ~~Brynn