Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashback Friday: Football Season!

Currently Reading: Finally finished The Lost Symbol:) Recommended Read! Next up: Her Kind of Man, by Ammanda McCabe. At home, I'm reading The First Wives' Club, by Olivia Goldsmith and now I want to see the movie:)

E-book: I should finish Wicked Cool tomorrow:)

By late October, K's team was undefeated. And it wasn't until his second playoff game that I realized what a valuable member he was to the team.

We had gotten a late start to the game, and it wasn't until we arrived at the field, twenty minutes from home, that K discovered his helmet was missing. I dropped him off and drove as fast as I could home and back to the field.

I arrived; K's team was on their own 20-yd line, trying to keep the other team from scoring. One of the adults was watching for me, and when I handed over the helmet, he ran around to the far side of the field while I parked the car.

I'm not kidding about what happened next. My son ran out onto the field, still fastening his chin strap. The ball was snapped; the other team's forward momentum stopped. Two plays later, our team had the ball back, after the other team lost about fifteen yards. Several plays after that, our team scored a touchdown.

At the end of the game, the coach couldn't thank me enough for being willing to retrieve K's helmet! They went on to win the playoffs and even won the 'Super Bowl', something which hadn't been done in over ten years. K was also picked for the All-Star team, and they even took the top honors:)

We are headed north with a truck and trailer. The goal is to clean out and close our northern storage unit, eliminating the $55/month expense. Hopefully, we'll also be picking up the lawn tractor and accessories, and maybe the canoe and whatever else we've left behind. It's hard to believe we moved down her four years ago today, and are still here. The original goal was a year, maybe two at the most. But now S wants to stay with her friends (or even attend the Academy); W is enjoying his school; I'm involved with the bookstore, plus Kenzie's career has taken off. The only one who isn't happy is the SU. I've pleaded for just one more year; I'd like to see the bookstore be a success. Then we can re-evaluate.

Tonight, we're having a costume party at the store. I'm going as Minnie Mouse; BC will be Lady Ga-Ga; afterward, we're going out for a drink with another friend of ours. I hope to post pictures soon:)

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