Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Life As A One-Armed Lumber Queen, Week #81

 Day 356: 

For whatever reason, I was told to report to LG first.  Got to see Marci, who told me her next appt is April 20th.  Had maybe ten customers, then had zero for 30 mins.  When I tried to log back in, the system locked up.  HC A came out; ended up having to reboot the system.  In the meantime, I hopped over to 21, but both their cards declined.  Took cash....then discovered there was no cashbox in the register.  HC M came out with the $$, and all was well.  Was sent to lunch at 5:30.  When I returned, had ZERO customers.  HC A closed me down at 7 and told me to go up front.  After a pit stop, was told to go to Lumber and give Jillian her 15.  Rang up several customers and stayed there while J helped some other customers, then was sent up front at 7:30.  

Things went well; Carmen and I chatted while we waited for customers, and I helped her with a few tasks she was unfamiliar with.  Final customer left at 9:10, and we clocked out ten minutes later.

Outfit:  Gray home grown sweatshirt, new jeggings, Monet 2 mask

Day 357:

Was back in my happy place:)  Busy for the 1st hour, but managed to get the pop count done.  Started the preliminary duties, and was sent to lunch at 6:15.  Returned and began the closing duties.  Makenzie came down at 7:50 and gave me a 15 min break, then finished closing duties.  Had one customer with $5 gloves, courtesy of Scott, but only one pair needed an o/r!  Jumped on #2 while waiting for HC A to come down....and put my customers to 'work', bringing in the carts and putting them away, lol!

Had one last customer at 9:10, then closed the garage door.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Brown 3/4 shirt, new jeggings, Monet 2 mask

Day 358:

Arrived and was busy for 15 mins, then did pop count and preliminary duties.  At 5, began sweeping in between customers.  Had 2 CFH:  One bitched about the price of saw blades; the second apparently didn't understand my sling, and had to have Justin pick up their box of heavy duty house wrap.  Was sent to lunch at 7:15, and when I returned, began sanitizing.  Discovered I'm only supposed to take a 15 min break; joked with HC A I could take 2 15 min breaks consecutively, ha ha...she said to let her know if I needed the full half hour!

Clocked out at 9:25, after returning a box of screws to tools, a sponge to paint, and taking the trash to the far corner by Receiving.

Outfit:  Maroon plaid shirt, new jeggings, new black mask

Day 359:

Shift was slow.  Had a few 'rushes', but for the most part, we were very slow, due to the rain.  Had everything done by 8:40.  Was extremely hot, due to my shirt.

Outfit:  Gray and white striped fleece shirt, new jeggings, new black mask

Day 360:

Shift was fairly busy!  Didn't get pop count or even preliminary duties started until nearly 5.  Was sent to lunch at 7:40, and when I returned, Karlie was trying to explain to a customer that the discounts don't stack; he'd already used his military, so he couldn't take an additional 5% off.  For a moment, I thought he was going to start yelling at her, since he raised his voice and said, "But the one in TH does!"  Finally, he left, and the rest of the night went smoothly.  Had all my closing duties finished by 8:55, including the soda refill.

Outfit: White plaid shirt, blue tank, faded jeggings, tools mask

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