Monday, August 30, 2021

Life In Lumber, Y3, W22

 Day 93:  $9,008

Arrived; things were steady for about a half an hour, then was able to do prelim duties; LU and AP4Me.  Got 'caught' being on my phone; Mgr J, Mgr Bra, and Mgr S walked up as I was doing some minor research on my phone for the current WIP.  Fortunately, no one said anything about it!

Went to lunch at 6:15 and was told to 'hurry'.  I clocked in/out exactly 30 minutes apart, but as I showed up, K announced she was 'about to have me paged'.  WTH???? It was ONLY 2 mins later than after I'd clocked back in!!!

Swept; pulled trash; sanitized the counters.  Lee came down and got the trash; I locked the doors at 9 and waited for Loader C to return with the hopper.  HC C cleaned me out, and I returned a piece of steel to Hardware, then put up my vest.

I'm off the next two days!!!  Hallelujia!!!

Outfit:  Las Vegas Indian MC tee, original capris, blue tools mask.

Day 94:  $14,722

Was slammed for the 1st hour!  Was finally able to get my soda count and prelim duties accomplished.  Couldn't get anyone to go to Subway for me, so my lunch was 2 Snickers bars.  Afterward, swept and sanitized in between customers.  HC M cleaned me out; Loader B (who's back from quarentine) took the trash, and I put up my vest.  Managed to get my LU done also.

Did an 'oops'....Customer wanted to put $$ on two gift cards; I misunderstood the amount, so when I tried to correct it, it didn't work.  Mgr T nearly had a heart attack; she though he was trying to PAY with the cards; I said no, we were trying to LOAD them!

Sent in my request for my October dates:  2nd, 9th, 15-17, and 30th.

Outfit:  Gold tee, cut off capris, starry night mask

Day 95:  $7981

Arrived; things were nice and easy.  Customer brought in watermelons for everyone in the Pro area; Kyra came down to kill time and help out, so I was able to get the soda count done while she rang up customers.  HC C took her back up front at 4, and then things got busy for the next 2 hours.  Loaders were down at the far end with the forklift; at one point I needed 2 code 50s. Plus I'd answered a phone call that was an associate from KY who wanted to know if we could order an item.  I couldn't get anyone to answer my page.  Finally, I needed an o/r, so HC N came down and I told her about the guy on hold.  Turned out he'd finally given up (I kept checking back with him every so often!) and hung up.

K came down and sent me to lunch at 6, and when I returned, I did the rest of the closing duties.  Swept, sanitized the registers and counters.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Before my shift began, bought the snowglobe Nightmare Before Christmas, the light up candy dish, and the motion-sensored books.  Plus, bought a ham and cheese from Subway.

Outfit:  Black lace tee, cut off capris, Monet mask

Day 96:  $15, 293

Arrived; did my LU and rang up a few random customers on Charlie's register.  C went to break; I covered hers.  Then J went to break, and I covered for her.  At 2:30, I took my 1st break, then C left at 3. I went to lunch at 4 (McAs, since Subway's lobby was closed), and when I returned, I did the pop count, and was fairly steady all day.  Marci agreed to take tomorrow's shift, so I can go to Nashville, to see Shaun Cassidy!  Took an OTC CV test, and came up negative.  Here's hoping City Winey accepts it!!

Outfit:  Blue baseball tee, cut off capris, Monet mask

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