Monday, January 3, 2022

Life In Lumber: Y3, W40

 Day 166:  $7,821

Arrived and things were rather slow, so did soda count and returned items to Electrical, Plumbing, Tools, OSLG, and flooring.  Bill left, and the crowd arrived.  Sometime between 6 and 6:30, had two CFH.  Cust A brought a bunch of items, and had a check from his boss....but I needed his ID.  He disappeared, and I rang up Cust B on Sonia's register.  Their credit card kept declining, so they called the bank, which I overheard via automated system, they had over $15K available, but their $2K purchase kept getting declined.  In the meantime, A returns with his boss's ID # written down....but it doesn't work.  I ran it again, thinking maybe the system was timing out, but no, declined it again.  He the meantime, Alecia comes down to lend a hand, but even she gets backed up.  I hopped over to Jeremy's register to help ring up others.  B finally decides to remove their fridge and microwave, effectively taking their $2K to $104....and the card accepted it, and they were on their way.  I decided to remove A's transaction, pushed his cart out of the way, and rang up one more customer before taking my break at 6:55.

Returned from break and began sweeping....then Customer C arrived with two couplings w/o codes.  I just tossed them in the bag to send 'em on their way.  Then Customer D arrived with a bunch of items 'from the clearance rack'....I went ahead and did it.  I was over the day, and ready to get a drink. Did my LU and AP4Me, and did the rest of the closing duties.

Locked the doors at 9, walked HC A to the front, then let Loader A out to bring in the forklift....oh, that was another thing.  At the beginning of my shift, had a customer who was very concerned about the fact the forklift had a leaky transmission.  Loader Cam assured me they knew of it....but customer 'just knew' someone would hop on it and overheat the engine!  Both C and AW assured him they were only going to bring it in and park it.

Pushed Cust A's cart to Tools, since there were two I couldn't lift, and put up my vest, then helped Mgr K bring in the other carts.  Clocked out at 9:30.

K's Daily Drama:  She couldn't delete her emails all at once, and complained about how it was going to take her 'forever' to do them one at a time.

Outfit:  Blue Manning Jersey, white tunic, faded jeggings, shark mask.

Day 167:  $3,772 (and 1 cent!)

Arrived; took back a ductwork item and did the soda count. When Bill left, the crowd arrived, and was steady until 6:25, when Kenzie arrived to send me to break.  When I returned, things slowed down, and I was able to do my LU.  Got some sad news; Mgr N told me 'soon' 1.4 was going away 'forever', and we'd be using the new system.  Tried it out, and 1st customer did well, then had do an LAR and couldn't figure it out!  N saved it, then logged back into Genesis and we went from there.  Another customer asked if he could put his items behind the desk; he'd forgotten his card.  Told him I could print of a temp one; he was thrilled!  

A was swamped earlier; he needed a forklift and a spotter, then while he was finding a spotter, Cust B asked if there was someone to help load his counters; C wanted a board cut; and D wanted help with drywall!  I know the board was cut, but not sure if B and D were helped....

Mgr K told me she was letting me go at 9; I laughed.  And sure enough, HC A cleaned me out at 9:05; Loader AW took the trash, set the safety pallets, and brought in the concrete. By the time I took a pit stop, put up my vest, and walked up front, it was 9:30.

Only needed one o/r; customer bought a cart full of discounted Millwork for $20.  Off tomorrow; hopefully going to Lafayette.

Outfit:  Black/gray tee, black vest, zirconian earrings, faded jeggings, tools mask.

Day 168:  $ $6,367 (and 8 cents!)

Arrived; began ringing up customers and doing soda count.  After Bill left, gathered the paperwork and helped Sonia with two orders; one was using his LAR and was invoiced; we couldn't find the invoice, so went to 1.6 and found it, then figured out how to get it to the payment screen.  Rang him up and he was on his way.  The 2nd, S clocked out just as the customer was ready to be rung up, so she gave it to me.  Was fairly busy; one of my favorite customers arrived with a decorated chocolate chip cookie; I joked about them bringing it for me; she surprised me by saying, 'yes, it is!'

That same customer arrived at 6:30 and needed an o/r; then I sent HC M on her way and rang up the discounted paneling....then discovered it was marked down to $1/sheet, not $13!  So cleared the screen; rang it all up again, and called for another o/r.  Turned out I missed the closet organizer the 1st time around....but the line was backing up, so called for back up.  Matt arrived, only to discover neither of #2 or #3 scan guns worked!  I was already on S's register, ringing up a CC order, when Kris and Jess arrived to give me my o/r.  After everyone had been taken care of, Livia arrived for my break; Jess asked about the flooring I'd rung up.  Took me a few minutes to remember; turned out when I got it from 1.6, it put it under MY sales ID instead of Desiree's.  Told D I'd throw some sales her way to make it up to her.

After my break, we were fairly steady, but did my LU, swept, and gathered the trash. Locked the doors at 9 and after Mgr G took the hopper, waited until he returned before closing the door and putting up my vest.  The temps dropped from 20 to 14.  Brrrr.....

I'm off tomorrow, then work the weekend.

Outfit:  Blue hooded Cabela's sweatshirt, faded jeggings, fancy diamond earrings, blue mask.

Day 169:  Rare Saturday $10,838 (and 89 cents!)

Arrived; hopped on #1 and began ringing up customers.  Cindy arrived back from lunch at 1, and I took over #2 while Jill went up front.  We were steady, and at 2:30, I took my break.  Went to lunch at 4 (Subway) and when I returned, started the closing duties.  Had to call HC C for a couple of o/rs; one for a discounted door, another for a discounted tool. Took my final break at 7:30; put away the soda; and at 8:30, Loader Cam brought down the hopper. Chatted with Kenzie for half an hour and checked out final customer as the store was closing.  After HC C cleaned me out and I'd locked the doors, returned one item to Aisle 21 and four more to the electrical aisle.  Then put up my vest and clocked out atg 9:25.

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt, dark jeggings, elephant mask, fancy diamond earrings.

Day 170:  Rare Sunday  $ $6,855

Arrived to the wonderful news our heaters were taken away, due to either Jill or Sonia plugging one into the wrong socket and blowing the breakers.  Took my coat AND my heavy red sweatshirt down and gave J her break, and was fairly busy for several hours. S mildly drove me batty with the news of a new potential b/f, but thankfully, I was busy and able to tune her out.  Took my 1st break at 1:30, but helped a customer in plumbing, then spent 10 mins with another customer in Millwork, before finding Brent and turning her over to him!  Took a pit stop, then grabbed my book and went back. Was able to shuttle $3K to Desi, to make up for Thursday's 'oops'.  J went to lunch at 2, and when she returned, I went at 3:30 (McA's).  When I returned, things slowed down.  J took her 2nd break and we started the closing duties.  I gathered the paperwork while she did the trash. J left at 6, and things really slowed down.  Had one customer after 7pm/

Saw Kyle from the Mom and Pop; it's good to see him back on his feet!  Gave him a hug and told him I'd been praying for his recovery.

Took my 2nd break at 5:30 and put up my book and took my coats back to the break room.

Loader M took my trash down, and I locked the doors at 7:58.  Put up my vest after HC C cleaned me out, then went to Receiving for a roll of trash bags ('Can Liners' they're called).  Clocked out at 8:15.

Outfit:  Home sweatshirt, dark jeggings, elephant mask, fancy diamond earrings.

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