Monday, January 31, 2022

Life In Lumber, Y3, W44

 Day 183:  $4,166

Arrived slightly early and knocked out most of my AP4Me.  Went down and discovered the new system was successfully loaded onto #1.  Had no issues with it.  Helped Kerri with her LU (the pro stuff I had to do last week), then finished up my AP4Me and my own LU. Went to break at 7, and when I returned, did the closing duties.  Swept from 8-8:30, the sanitized the registers and mucked out under the mats.  Brought the cull cart in and locked the doors at 8:58. Walked HC A to the front, then took the trash to the hopper. Clocked out at 9:15.

Outfit: Crewneck Cabela's sweatshirt, red polo, new darker jeggings, LJs, blue fingerless gloves, red hoodie, Lt blue earrings, Monet mask

Day 184:  $5,895

Arrived and bought a bag of salt.  Clocked in and took over for Bill, did the prelim duties.  Did my LU and went to break at 7:20.  Had an issue when I couldn't find a customer's account; ASM N and HC A found it.  Later, had another issue when I couldn't find an invoice under 1.6.  N helped me with it.  Had two incidents of wire having the wrong item #, but was able to solve it soon. Got the floor swept and the registers sanitized.  

N got my hopes up when he told me to check the board up front.  I didn't get Cashier of the Month, but I got Scan vs Hand Key again.

Loader AW called in, due to nausea.

Clocked out at 9:15.

Outfit:  Bless This Mess sweatshirt, new darker jeggings, LJs, Lt blue earrings, Monet mask.

Weather is supposed to arrive after midnight; we've got reports of freezing rain, ice, and snow for the next two days.  Hoping for an all RAIN event; no ice, no snow.  Temps are supposed to drop over the next 3 days from 60-5.  Thank god I'm off til Friday, unless I get called in!

Day 185:  $5,648

Had D drive me in, due to the ice and snow (got maybe 7 inches??).  Made a payment on his Lowes bill, then went to lumber.  Found out I had no loader; AM called in.  In fact, had a LOT of people call in. Also discovered after 6, was not going to have any HC.  Fortunately, I only needed on o/r, and Kylie came down for it. Did soda count and prelim duties, then filled the soda and began sweeping in between ringing up customers.  Was fairly steady, then Lee arrived at 7:30 to give me my break.  Afterwards, I finished sweeping, then did my LU and sanitized the registers.  Pulled trash and mucked out under the mats.  ASM M closed me down at 8:53.  Walked her up front, then took the trash to the hopper and returned an item to Tools.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Gray sweater, red polo, new dark jeggings, LJs, Lt blue earrings, blue tools mask, blue fingerless gloves.

Day 186:  Rare Saturday $15,220

Arrived and decided to keep my boots on, but take my shoes with me just in case, and ended up keeping them on the entire time (feet didn't hurt until nearly 7).  First half of shift went well; Lee was with me and we were steady, though was hit with an intestinal issue less than an hour after I arrived.  Guess I can no longer eat Fruity Pebbles before work....

L went to lunch at 2, then I went at 4 (Subway).  When I came back, I walked into chaos....there was a cluster around #1 and L was on the phone.  Apparently they wanted to do a phone order, and she didn't know how to do it.  I didn't either, and hopped over to #2.  Turned out everyone was together, but bought drinks from me.  N and H came down; we joked good-naturedly while N handled the issue.  L was upset that apparently one of the customers 'threw' an object at rolled across the counter and nearly hit her, then got snotty when she asked them to 'in the future, please place them on the counter'. 

I asked N how he did it, and turns out we CAN use Genesis for phone orders until IT works out the kinks in the new system.  This knowledge came in VERY handy later, when I had to do 2 phone orders, one for Kaitlyn on nightshift and another for one of my regular phone order people.

HC C said not to do soda count; just pull it forward.  I swept and did the prelim duties when they recalled L to the front, then took my final break at 7:30.  Returned and pulled trash, then huddled next to Pro K's heater until close.  Locked the doors, walked HC C to the front, and took the trash to the hopper before putting up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Teased ASM N about either closing the store next Sun for Superbowl Sun at 5, or bringing in a TV, or letting me work 9-5?  Then told him 'No matter what shift I work, I'll be leaving around 5, ha ha!' (Yeah, I'm a brat! But it's SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!!  Will we REALLY have anyone in the store past 6pm??)

Outfit:  Dark gray 'home' sweatshirt, new dark jeggings, LJs, blue fingerless gloves, Lt blue earrings, B/W houndstooth mask

Day 187:  Rare Sunday $8,258

Arrived; almost didn't recognize Jill; she was bundled in a coat, hat, and mask!  Logged on and began taking turns with her, ringing up customers.  Brought carts in when needed.  J griped about being cold; I turned on K's heater and told her to stand in front of it if she wanted. She went to lunch at 1; I handled things by myself.  I went to lunch at 3:20 (McA's) and when I returned, J was sent hone, due to too many people and not enough customers.  Loader AW tested pos for CV, but thankfully Cam and my two newbies, Kole and Riley, were around. Only needed on o/r, and that was for discounted wire.  Swept, did soda count, and gathered trash.  Sanitized registers at 7:30, and did my LU.  Locked the doors at 7:58.  HC C cleaned me out shortly after, and put up my vest, since Cam took my trash at 7:45. Clocked out at 8:20.

Outfit:  Brown striped fleece shirt, new dark jeggings, LJs, blue fingerless gloves, Lt blue earrings, B/W houndstooth mask.

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