Monday, January 10, 2022

Life In Lumber Y3, W41

 Day 171:  $6806 (and 12 cents!)

Bob Sagat died last night.  Sidney Poitier passed a few days ago, and Betty White on Dec 31st.  Can we just stop already???

Arrived and helped Bill with the line, then checked; we only had 3 closers, so didn't bother with the soda count.  After B left, did the preliminary closing duties, and took my break at 6:30.  Afterward, thoroughly swept the floor, and mucked out under all the mats.  At 8, sanitized all the registers AND the counters.  Final customer was at 8:45.  Put in my request for Feb 26th off, for our book signing at the library.

Apparently began the shift by taking my 'stupid' pills.....didn't realize a drill came with a battery, and tried to explain the benefits of the LPP.  Thankfully, the customer bought it!  At least I 'smartened' up after break....

Took bubble wrap back to aisle 30, then Loader AM arrived with the hopper, and tossed my trash in.  I stayed while he set the safety pallets and brought in the concrete, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:30.  I'm off until Wednesday!

Outfit:  Gray IN sweatshirt, dark jeggings, blue tools mask, blue stud earrings.

Day 172:  $7,518

Arrived; bought the window kits to weatherproof the kids and LRM windows.  Discovered Tyler had 1st dibs on the clay targets, so good for him.  Things were slow, so returned items to Paint, Tools, and plumbing.  Rang up a few customers, and when Bill left, did the prelim duties.  Kenzie came down at 6 and did the soda count; said she was bored up front.  I helped her put some away, then she relieved me at 6:20 for my break.  After lunch, I thoroughly swept the place and wrote over a page.  At nine, locked the doors; Loader AW, who'd come in to view his paystub, pushed in the two cull carts and left.  Walked HC M to the front, and after taking the trash to the hopper, I noticed a family pushing two carts up the insulation aisle.  Walked back up and asked if they were ready to check out, and explained I could only do a credit card sale.  Rang up their 7 cabinets and the loose items, then unlocked the door for them.  Waited around until they loaded, then put the carts away.  Clocked out at 9:25.

Outfit:  Red/white turtleneck, dark jeggings, white tools mask, blue stud earrings.

I'm off the rest of the week for vacation, unless they call me in!

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