Monday, January 24, 2022

Life In Lumber Y3, W43

 Day 178:  $6,090

Went in at 1:30 and delivered mini chocolate cupcakes for Loader J's final day, and ate 4 slices of sausage pizza.  Returned for my shift at 5 and was told both times that everyone was in a pissy mood.  Things were fine for customers A-D.  Customer E, however, had an issue.  Military discount, no prob.  Rang up all 4 carts....punched in their phone #, and she handed me a GC.  No problem.  Then she hands me a promo code for special financing.  Problem....should have scanned it before we used the GC.  Called HC M down, and hopped over to #2 to ring up the others in line.  M and ASM N come down....can't use both Military and promo code at same time.  Custormer pitches hissy fit, pays, and leaves, shooting me a nasty look.  M later explains it to me later.  Okay; it wasn't ENTIRELY my fault! 

Saw Peppers; did soda count and closing duties.  Loader J and his wife came in; I hugged him and wished him well on the R/R, and he said I was the kindest closer he'd worked with.  Awwww.....Loader G arrived, since Loader M has a disability and not allowed to drive a forklift.  They filled the 2x4s and took out the trash, brought in the concrete, and set the safety pallets.  My final customer must have used an entire row of staples on his lumber!  He also drank 3 cups of coffee as he was loading his truck.  Locked the doors at 9, called Loader M to watch the door as I walked HC M to the front, then put up my vest.  Returned to lumber and ate the final cupcake, made a pit stop, and clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Gray hooded sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, LJs, blue fingerless gloves, red hooded cardi, Monet mask, Lt blue earrings.

Day 179:  $3,115 (and 89 cents!)

Arrived; did prelim duties and rang up a few customers....was fairly slow, so was able to sweep pay extra attention to the loose concrete. ASM N was our HC, since H had gotten sick.  Patty gave me my break, so I bought the toilet bowl cleaner and Dawn 1st, then ate.  After break, I watched the IT guy replace the inner components of #1, and after he left, sanitized all the registers, pulled the trash, and wiped down the counters.  When N came to clean me out, I took the trash to the hopper, then grabbed my stuff and walked him to the front, put up my vest, grabbed my coat, bag, and purse, and went to Receiving for the trash can bags, then lined 4 cans in lumber before clocking out.

Outfit:  Thick white sweater, red polo, new faded jeggings, LJs, blue fingerless gloves, Lt blue earrings, Blue Elephant mask

Day 180:  $4,920

Day began on a sad note; I caught our pit bull, Dexter, killing one of our stray kittens, the cute tiger striped one.  I picked it up, once I got the dog away from it, and held it as it died.  I wanted the poor thing to know it was loved.

Arrived at work and met a new potential coworker, doing her computer training. Went to lumber and felt the need to return to the bathroom; Bill graciously stayed over. Did the prelim duties and my LU, then checked my schedule and printed it out, and also went ahead and requested W and D's birthdays off.  Took my break at 7, and came back and swept while ASM N tried to get IT on the phone to fix #1. After an hour, he gave up. I sanitized the registers and pulled the trash, then after Loader AM took the hopper out, watched HC C take the $$ to the front and waited for AM to return. Returned items to Plumbing, Tools, Paint, and RTM.  Made anther pit stop before putting up my vest. Clocked out a little after 9:30.

I'm off tomorrow, and am headed up to Lafayette to see Mom and friend Angie:)

Outfit:  Gray V-neck, black/white vest, new faded jeggings, blue fingerless gloves, LJs, Lt blue earrings, Blue Elephant mask.

Day 181:  Rare Saturday $6,875

Had a good visit with Mom; learned Sandy Peterson had passed away, and funeral was 11am today at church.  Got together with friend Angie, and walked around Walmart, ate dinner at Cracker Barrel, and went to Linwood Bar for Kimieoke.  I sang F'n Perfect and Edge of 17; she sang White Rabbit and Hotel California.  Drove her back to her daughter M's, then spent the night at Reagan's.

Had called earlier and talked to Kylie; explained the funeral situation and asked if I could come in around 4.  She checked the schedule and said yes.

Arrived a little after 4 and changed my boots for shoes (it was snowy up north!), and clocked in around 4:15.  Went to Lumber and did the soda count and prelim duties, then started on my LU, a multi-level info about the news MyPro Benefits *eye roll* there's an app and three levels, plus perks.  Ugh....

After Grace left at 6, the crowd arrived, and I was busy for nearly two hours.  Did manage to sweep, and Cait relieved me at 7:45 for break.  When I came back, I finished sweeping and pulled the trash.  Nearly locked a guy out at 8:58, but let him in....and he (thankfully!) only needed one item!  Locked the doors behind him; Loader AM set the safety pallets and brought in the concrete.  I walked HC C down front and returned items to Flooring and Plumbing, then took the trash to the hopper.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Teal patterned L/S shirt, white vest, new darker jeggings, blue fingerless gloves, Lt blue earrings and spider mask.  Had to wear my red hooded sweatshirt for warmth.

Day 182:  Rare Sunday $  13,709

Arrived; hopped on #2 and sent Jill to break.  Was slow; I putzed around and brought in carts. Was steady, and took my 1st break at 12:45.  J went to lunch at 1 and things were steady for 45 mins.  When she came back, things slowed again.  I did my LU, then she took her 2nd break.  I went to lunch at 4, and when I returned, J left.  Started the closing duties, and an hour later, began having gas pains, which resulted in an intestinal issue.  Livia came down so I could take care of it, then Grace relieved me at 6:45 for my 2nd break.  I finished sweeping, then sanitized the registers, and pulled the trash.  Was able to get everything into one bag!  Put the soda away, and at 8, locked the doors.  When HC M cleaned me out, I took the trash to the hopper, then walked her up front and took an item back to plumbing.  Put up my vest, then ended up taking two items down to RTM.  Clocked out around 8:20.

Outfit:  Mama Bear sweatshirt, new dark jeggings, blue fingerless gloves, Lt blue earrings, and spider mask (which for whatever reason bothered my left ear, so wore it as little as possible.)

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