Monday, January 17, 2022

Life In Lumber Y3, W42

 Day 173:  $4139

Snowed; wore my boots to work and changed into my new tennis shoes. Decided to use the new system, in order to get used to it, and all was fine until customer #3.  He had some MDF that wouldn't ring up, and the first item # we found quickly.  But the trim was slightly harder, but finally found it.  I thanked everyone in line for their patience!  Did my LU and AP4Me, and the prelim duties after B left.  Patty came down to relieve me for break, and then needed my help.  I misunderstood her issue and hit the wrong button, causing me to have to call HC M down to fix it.  I hopped back on #1 to help with the line, then finally at 6:40, took my break.  

After returning, pulled trash and the sodas forward, then swept and sanitized.  Locked the doors at 9, and put up my vest.  Didn't have any returns for once!  Clocked out around 9:15.

Outfit:  Blue Whitehorse sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, blue fingerless gloves, blue earrings, starry night mask.

Day 174:  $4,689 (and 3 cents!)

Arrived, and was involved in 2 conversations before I made it to the front!  We weren't that busy, and the new system 'behaved', with the exception of when I rang up too many insulation bags and couldn't change the total.  Had to back out and start all over. Had a funny moment; ASM M came down and asked me to sweep the entire area.  I informed her I already do that every night....from aisle 21 to 18, AND the horseshoe!

Did the soda count, then gathered the paperwork and other prelim duties.  Went to break at 7, and when I returned, gathered the trash and started sweeping and sanitizing. Accidentally let an insulation machine walk out without being checked out or even charged a deposit; I'd set it aside for a customer, but when he returned for it, I was busy with a large order and it didn't dawn on me until later that we hadn't rung it up!  Called ASM N and fessed up; he told me not to worry about it.

Put the soda away and locked the doors at 9.  After Loader AM took the trash, we closed the door and I went to put up my vest and return two items to Hardware.

Outfit:  Palm tree sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, blue fingerless gloves, blue stud earrings, starry night mask.

Day 175: $2,351

Arrived slightly late, but managed to get down to lumber on time.  Wasn't that busy (as you can tell from my total!); in fact, I let B take all the customers until 5, so he could break the $10K amount. Things went well for an hour, then I was sent to break, since only Livia and I were there after 6.  Afte I returned, I had issues with the new system and using the LAR function, and ended up switching to the old system. Did get one credit app; they weren't approved, but it still counts!  Did the closing duties and rearranged the Monster cooler.  Did my LU and sanitized the registers.  Locked the doors at 9, and put away 4 lumber brackets after Loader AM took the trash down.

Outfit:  Brown sweater, new faded jeggings, blue stud earrings, Monet mask

Day 176:  Rare Saturday $14,862

Arrived; discovered J had called in.  Was thrilled to learn Cindy was in Lumber; we work well together.  Hopped on #2 for an hour, then did my LU;  Pro S talked my ear off for the 1st hour. C took her break at 1:30; I took mine at 2.  C left at 3, then I went to lunch at 4.  Was upset Subway had NO soup!  Thawed out by the fireplace, and when I returned, I started the closing duties.  Had everything swept by 7, then pulled the trash.  HC H had already done the soda count, and she filled it while I was busy with customers.  Stayed on #2, due to the reduced wind blowing through the doors.  Sanitized the registers at 8:30, and at closing, locked the doors after letting Loader C out, then walked HC H to the front, put my trash in the lumber hopper, and put up my vest.

Outfit:  Gray IN sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, blue stud earrings, astronaut mask.

Day 177:  Rare Sunday $12,407

Arrived; Marilyn and I tripped over each other for 3 hours, taking turns with customers.  Did my LU and brought in carts.  At 2:30, my sis called, when we weren't busy; however, I did take care of 3 customers (While ASM K was present), and made no attempt to hide my conversation.  In retrospect, yes, I should have hung up the phone.  But my rebellious nature took over....and in 5 mins, I was escorted to the office to talk to ASM M and K, who lectured me on not using my phone while ringing up customers.  I apologized, saying it was my sis in Canada, and admitted my error.  But then M made it worse...."I realize you're all by yourself and maybe you think, 'oh, no one will notice...'" THAT set me off.  I curbed my temper, but walked out of the office with a smile on my face and thinking, 'There goes ANY attempt at getting a credit app today!'

Childish, yes.  I later found out CSR J was also talked to about her attitude, so there was something in the air today!

Went to lunch at McA's, and when I returned, began the closing duties while Liv handled the customers. I swept, consolidated the trash, and at 5:30, while L took her break, wiped down all the counters. At 6, they let L go home, which ticked me off, since I was due for my 2nd break at 6:30.   At closing, let loader AW out the door, walked HC H to the front, then returned and met AW at the door.  He set the safety pallets and brought in the concrete and the hopper; I closed the door again. Put up my vest and clocked out at 9:20 after taking a pit stop.

I DID get one credit app...customer asked me, so I set him up with an LBA, and he was approved. I'm also going to try to take Loader J a cupcake or scone tomorrow before he leaves at 3:30.  Tomorrow's his final day before starting at CSX as a trainee conductor. Also helped out a guy who was $7 short for his items.  He said he'd repay me, and scraped up $1...I told him not to worry about it.

Outfit:  Lavandar striped sweater, white vest, new faded jeggings, long johns, blue fingerless gloves, blue stud earrings, astronaut mask.

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