Friday, September 16, 2022

Passive-Aggression In Action???

 Finally got around to watching this week's POV and Live eviction episodes, and I'm pissed.

The Final 5:

Monte (HOH)



Brittany (chopping block)

Alyssa (chopping block)

Why am I pissed?

1) The first part of the POV episode was all about how Monte did NOT want to be in a position where he would be forced to put up Taylor or Turner as a replacement nom, and face a potential tie, or watch him be the last man standing with 3 women.  He and Turner wanted Brittany gone.


They were rudely awakened in the wee hours of the morning, and told to get to the backyard in 2 minutes, or be disqualified.  Monte, up in the HOH room, pulled himself out of bed, went to the bathroom, washed his face, did his business, and THEN grabbed his clothes and booked it downstairs.

The buzzer went off just as he reached the door.  He's not allowed to play.

So now he's forced to watch from the sidelines as Turner and Brittany go head-to-head on the cuckoo clock puzzle, with Brit winning seconds ahead of Turner.  She, of course, takes herself off the block.

Instead of putting up TURNER, fearing Tay and Britt would vote him out, he puts up Tay, and hopes he doesn't have to break a tie.

But in the MEANTIME, Monte ends up smooching Tay, since she's been sleeping in his bed, and as he says, Britt's married; Alyssa is not in his alliance, and it's been 70 days since he's been alone with an attractive female.

Britt is torn between breaking up a showmance or sending Alyssa out the door. But Alyssa makes some strong points to stay, so Britt votes out Tay.

Turner, on the other hand, wants to keep Alyssa, but she gets on his nerves with her crying, so he ends up voting HER out.

Tie vote.

Monte evicts Britt.

2) HOH comp:

All about fashion.  Monte can't compete, and Turner takes an early lead, but blows it on the 5th question. The ladies catch up, then have to go to a tie-breaker.  Tay wins it with a low ball amount, and FINALLY wins a damn competition.  (She pulled out of the last POV or HOH comp, because she couldn't handle the scary dark room.)

My guess is, she nominates Monte and Turner, and does everything in her power to evict Turner, taking herself, Brittany, and Monte to final 3, with a goal of her and Brittany (both women) or herself and Monte (showmance) to the final 2.  We'll find out next week how it all plays out.

I'll bet Daniel, Nicole, Ameera, Pooch, and the others not in jury are watching in shock as Tayler, the self-centered beauty queen, is holding the power right now.  They tried to get her evicted from the 1st.

Oh, and this "I want to be the 1st black woman to win BB..."?  Wasn't Kaycee (BB20) black, when she won against Tyler??????? 

(blows raspberry)

Oh, if only we could play an alternate-reality version of this game.....




Tay decided to put up Turner and Britt.  In the POV comp, Britt nearly won the thing; she just had one competition numbered a day early.

Monte finally won, and made out with his showmance.

I predict he'll keep noms the same, and send Britt packing....UNLESS Tay persuades him to vote out Turner.

Find out Friday!

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