Monday, September 12, 2022

Life In Lumber Y4, W29

 Day 125:  $5,562 (and 50 cents)

Arrived; B informed me the new system was working and to use Genesis. Had to refresh my memory about how to look up items and do the tax exempts, but the rest came back to me:)  Did the soda count, but realized we weren't going to pull it with only 3 closers.  Learned Juan and Loader AL got into a near-fist-fight Sat, and J quit.  AL had called in, so AM was all by himself.

Went to break at 6:30, and Marilyn said the new system was fine, so used it the rest of the night.  Not sure what B's issue was earlier.  Did my AP4Me and LU, plus some other training.  Swept the floor at 9 and mucked out the mats, then sanitized the registers. Returned items to Plumbing and Tools, then took HC C's vest back with me.  Clocked out at 10:25.

Both C and ASM M are on vacation the rest of the week.

Outfit:  Red LU tee, cut off capris, sapphire hoops.

Day 126:  $7,248 (and 7 cents)

Arrived and was sent to LG to give Pat a break. Went to Lumber, but B had already taken his, so was up front until 5:20, when they sent me back to Lumber. Did the prelim duties, and LU, then got to hold $4K in my hand for a brief moment. Swept and gathered trash, then was sent to lunch at 8:30.  Had to show Kerrie how to find the LU, and when I returned, mucked out the mats, sanitized the registers, and brought in the cull carts.  After HC J cleaned me out, took the trash to the hopper and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit:  I Like...tee, cut off capris, copper and larimar pendants.

Day 127:  $8,462 (and 23 cents)

Shift began on a rushed note; was busy as soon as I checked in, and had to set up a delivery.  Got everything invoiced so customer could go get the hardware she needed, then moved on to Customer 2, who had discoumted paint.  Charlie did my o/r, but while I was waiting, #1 arrived, and I brought her up on #2.  Charlie finished her out while I went back to Reg #1 and customer #2.  Got around to the prelim duties around 6, then went to break at 7:45.  Came back and swept, then loaded the gatorade cooler and fronted the rest of the soda.  Mucked out the mats and sanitized the registers, then the final customers arrived.  They showed up at closing, then after I'd loaded the LAR and rung everything up, it was discovered they'd grabbed the wrong items.  I had to call for an approval code, and ended up closing out his account and refunding the $$ we'd just loaded onto it.  Took the trash to the hopper as HC J was cleaning me out, then returned a box of screws and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Final customer also helped me bring in the heavy cull cart while we were waiting for the shoppers to show up.  Then Daw complained b/c J had let Kel and Lex go at 10, w/o ASKING if he'd stay.  Jeez...4 years ago, NONE of us were allowed to leave early!

Outfit:  Flamingo tee, cut off capris, copper and larimar pendants

Day 128:  $4,873 (and 46 cents)

Arrived to find two carts full of soda waiting to be put in the coolers.  Spent the 1st two hours doing so, in between ringing up customers.  Began closing duties at 7, and went to break at 8:30.  Came back and swept, pulled trash, mucked out the mats, did my LU, and santized the registers.  Saw Melora right before my break and checked her out.

At 9:55, I brought in one of the cull carts, and after HC J cleaned me out, Loader AL showed up with the hopper, so tossed all the trash in. Returned items to Tools and Aisle 17, and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:25/

Outfit:  Bon Jovi tee, cut off capris, copper and larimar pendants.

Day 129:  $12,111 (and 54 cents)

Arrived and nearly fell over in shock; ASM K was on a register!  My entrance was blocked, so waited patiently.  K told me to come on over; the customer moved the cart out of the way.  I stated I was being polite, instead of barging through; K said she just barges through. Next, I had to load an LAR using a check, and it took me a few mins to remember how to do it on the old system!  I was thinking, "Thank you for making me look like an incompetant a$$ in front of my boss..."

Then I discovered #1 was out of 5s and 10s, so hopped over to #2 until someone could come down and reload it, which didn't happen until my break at 7:45!  Got the prelim duties done and the soda fronted, then swept the entire area.  After my break, mucked out the mats and reswept the 'problem' areas.  Locked the doors at 9:59 and brought in one of the cull carts.  Tossed the trash to the hopper when Loader AL brought it, and walked newly-trained HC K to the front, and put up my vest.  Got the onlooker's version of the Juan/AL spat last weekend.  J just had had enough, and snapped.

Outfit:  Vancouver Aquarium tee, cut off capris, sea horses

I'm off until Sunday!!

Day 130:  Rare Sunday $12,328 (and 27 cents)

Arrived and took over for Em, and things were fairly slow the 1st hour.  Em left at 4, and the crowd came in.  Was slammed until 6, then discovered my broom was missing.  Couldn't sweep, so fronted all the soda and filled the gatorade cooler. Gathered the trash at 7, and final customer left at 8:05.  Returned items to Hardware and Halloween, then put up my vest.

Had two CFH....

-A wanted a discount on windows, so sent him back to Millwork. He told me he wanted the top bundle of 7/16 OSB, and ONLY the top one.  

-Woman came up 10 mins before closing to ask about wire.  Finally found Charlie, who took her back to Electrical.

Also had a guy who wanted the busted concrete, and said he'd return in a bit.  When he came back, Loader AL was swamped, and it took maybe 15 mins before AL could get to him.

Had another customer tell me he couldn't get all his lumber in his truck, and that he'd be back for it 'in a little bit; I'm only going cross town.'  When I locked the doors at 8, he still hadn't shown up for it.

Clocked out at 8:20.

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