Tuesday, November 1, 2022

November Goals

 Where did October go?  How did I do?

Spent most of the month bemoaning the loss of my transporation, and my hubby's health.  He 'decided' to take a slide down the basement stairs (he picked up our kitten, Tucker, to prevent him from darting out the door, lost his balance, and slid all the way to the bottom) and broke his right collarbone and tailbone. Spent a week in the hospital and is now doing physical therapy.

-Lose 5 pounds (220 start) Ugh, Halloween caused me to gain 5 pounds

-GET VAN REPAIRED!!!  New struts, check.  Now to get transmition checked out/repaired (won't shift past 3rd gear) UPDATE:  Wasn't the tranny; it was a wheel bearing!! 

-Do well at Lexington Legendary Book Bash Didn't go, due to transmition issues in van.

-Do well at Autumn on Main Sold 1...it was cold, and should have paid the $25 to be in the Creative Market at the Pantheon.

-Do well at Fez Con Didn't go; van issues

-Start clearing items from storage Brought home a lamp....

-Get a clean bill of health from Dr appt Had to cancel due to van issues

-Do well at Writer's Block in Toledo, Oh Had to pull out, due to spouse's fall down the basement stairs.

-Have an enjoyable Halloween Check!

-Buy copies of Rex, Hotel, Whispers, and Beach Nope...

Books Read:  4

           Print:  4

2022 Events:

0Craft and Vendor Fair Nov 5th, Camp Wildwood, Washington Ave, Vincennes, 9-2 ($20 Pd day of)

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds $100 Pd 11/26; $100 pd 8/31 (Bal:  $150); $100 pd 10/13 (Bal $50)

-Louisville Con, Dec 9-11??? No funds this year.

November Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (Starting 225)

-Buy copies of Beach Check!

-Do well at Craft Fair (Nov 5th) Sold 1; it wasn't well attended due to rain.

-Have a successful ICGAHS Sold 16:

                                              Wed:  1

                                             Thurs (all day!):  4

                                             Fri:  1

                                             Sat (all day!):  10

-Finish paying for ^^^^^^Check!

-Put a hefty down payment on ^^^^^^Not this year; only made enough for gas $$ and the ornaments for the kids, plus my replacement tee shirt.

-Pay for 2023 Imaginarium Made special arrangements with Stephen

-Learn my part in 7 Noels cantata Getting there....

-Pay for final 5 keychains Nope....

-Order promo Check!

-Order inventory Beach, check.

-Enjoy a relaxing Thanksgiving Check!  Had the flu, so only fixed the basics,

-Start buying Christmas presents Bought three....

-Start baking cookies Nope....

-NaNo??? Think I managed 500 words....

November Reading Schedule:

Harry and Meghan:  Their Story DRR!  Basically confirmed everything I suspected about their relationship, and was slightly surprised at the few typos I found, INCLUDING TWO (2!) complete paragraphs in the same chapter that were exact duplicate of a few pages back.  Not to mention the same adjectives used over and over in several places, to describe Me Gain's behavior/attitude/ambition.

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