Friday, January 6, 2023

Happy 2023!

 2022 was rough.  I made some bad financial decisions; the family made some questionable some way, I'd like to go back to April and start all over!  But we can't, so here's looking forward to this year, and maybe we'll learn from our mistakes?  One can only hope.

So what did I do last month?

-Lose 5 lbs Bleh....according to Oldest Son's scale, I gained 4.  Still not bad for not weighing myself since October....

-Order copies of Whispers Tried....

-Mail on WA to customer Not yet; at this point, I'm going to send her Beach, with a note attached.

-Bake cookies Check!

                12/9:  Choc Chip:  12 doz

                12/10:  Oatmeal/Raisin: 6 doz

                            M&M:  2 doz

              12/12:  M&M:  9 doz

             12/17:  Choc Chip:  12 doz 

             12/23:  M&M:  9 doz

-Decorate Check....

-Take Mom to dental appt Postponed until Jan 5th.  She has bronchitis

-Learn my part of Cantata Check!  

-Have a GOOD performance Check!  Even performed The Star at the worship service on 12/18!

-Enjoy birthday karaoke 12/15:  Postponed due to my not getting home from Lafayette until 9; 12/23:  Postponed due to weather; 12/29:  Had a WONDERFUL time!  Got to sing 7 songs!!!

-Have an enjoyable birthday Check!  Watched Eureka and Pitbulls and Parolees, ate dinner at El Corral, followed by a trip to see the X-mas lights around town.

Have a relaxing Christmas Check!  12/23:  Postponed til 26th, due to weather; 12/26 postponed til 1/2 due to Sara being sick.

Have a relaxing NYE Check!  Watched Dierks Bentley concert, drank a glass of wine, and kissed the dogs at midnight.

Health:  Depression level was high; think I cried EVERY DAY from Nov 5th to January 2nd.  I just didn't want the hassle of the holidays; I was stressed out over gift-buying and getting the house de-scented (we have a dog with urinary issues again. I noticed when I woke up on the 3rd or 4th my mood seemed to be better.  Then went to Lafayette on the 5th and had an enjoyable day with my mom and the youngest son, plus meeting friends for dinner at the Olive Garden.

Books Read:  3

            Print:  2

        E-book:  1

2023 Events:

Feb 18-19: Quad Con, Peoria Northpark Mall, Peoria, Il Cost????

April 1st:  SI Comic Con, Benton, Il Pd 4/2022

22nd:  Kokomo Con, Kokomo, In $75 

28th:  North HS Craft Fair, $40 (bring own table)

May 5-7:  Indianapolis Comic Con, Indiana Convention Center $300

June:  IABE, Peoria, Il

June:  Superman Celebration

July 9-11:  Imaginarium Convention, Louisville, Ky $165 for table 12/2:  Pd $120; 1/20:  Pd $40

Still owe $50 for banquet dinner

July :  Heroes For Kids, Perryville, Mo Hoping the $$ I paid last year 'rolls over'....

Aug:  State Fair??

Aug:  Hanna House

Sept:   15-16th:  Cil-Con, Effingham, Il $50 (bring own tables)

Oct:  TBD

Nov 8-12:  Indianapolis Christmas Gift and Hobby Show $350 1/27:  Pd $60

I'm really hoping this year is a better financial year.  No 'side' trips are planned

January Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (start: 229)

-Order copy Whispers Check!

-Mail Beach to customer with note Check!

-De-decorate house Check!

-Give A her gifts Check:)

-Take Mom to dental appointment Snowstorm; plus C was able to take her.

-Add words to existing WIPS

-Buy new laptop screen/laptop?? Bought external keyboard instead.

-Work enough hours to pay for upcoming events

January Reading Schedule:


Private Screening-Richard North Patterson Good!  I was happy to know I was correct about the idenitity of Phoenix, but the twist still shocked me:)


The Marquess She Loved-Jessie Clever RR!  My only 'complaint' was the fact that several 'inner musings' seemed a bit repetitive.
The Earl She Ruined-JC DRR!  Possibly my favorite of the trilogy, since I've not read the 1st one yet.

Found last year's goals:

-Save as much $$ as possible  HA!  Ended up depleting my savings in order to pay for stuff, and never recouped it.

-Edit Defending Your Life story I DID send it off to a beta reader....

-Add words or even finish Heart Song, RiKar, Paranormal Preacher, Time Travel and publish something. I DID add words to Preacher and another WIP....published 2 short stories.

-Publish Rex, Beach Antho, and one or more of the previously stated titles Check, Check, and nope.

-Write Beach story (edit the wip??) Wrote 2...

-Survive this damn pandemic/political climate  Still pending....

-Buy monthly promo items HA!  Higher prices =less funds.

    -Rex keychains Had MAJOR misunderstanding of price.  Only paid for 5; still need $40 for rest.

    -Styluses No funds

-Pay off (current) GSH bill and start working on next one; pay down hearing aids and gall bladder medical debt; pay down CC. Check, but now I have to pay half my check to bill consolidation.  We've settled with everything except 3 CCs.

-Tithe better Again, it's been a struggle.

-Get teeth checked/fixed Not yet

-Get carport roof fixed Not yet

-Green house torn down Not yet

-Brown house sorted Not yet...

-Scrap hauled away No

-Shelf in Bdrm  No

-Shelf in MB No

-House re-wired No

-Taco and Butterscotch to the vet B'scotch disappeared; Taco went for allergies.

-Kitchen floor redone No

-Mom's storage unit sorted Not yet

-Attend the following Conventions/signings: (Most are already paid for)

      -Jan:  Saluki Con (Jan 15-16) Carbondale, Il

      -Feb:  Knox Co Public Library, Vincennes, In 2-4pm

     -April:  Weekend With The Authors (April ) Nashville, TN; GSH vendor fair; Dale Library skipped this

    -May:  Elwood Home and Garden Expo skipped this

     -June:  Corning Irish Festival skipped, PrideFest, QuadCon, Did PopCon instead Superman Festival
     -July:  Imaginarium, Heroes For Kids caught CV; had to cancel
     -Aug:  Watermelon Fest (not paid for)Royal Readers at Mall of America skipped, State Fair skipped
     -Sept:  Penned Con (paid for), Non-Con Penned postponed; skipped Non  Went to Cil-Con
     -Oct:  Art Walk, CCC (not paid for) skipped all events due to vehicle issues and spouse falling down the stairs
     -Nov:  ICGAHS, Rivet, Art Walk Skipped Art Walk and Rivet was cancelled.

Guess I'll post these in another post and see how well we do this year????

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