Monday, January 23, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y4, W48

 Day 201:  $4004

Arrived slightly late; I'd fallen asleep on the couch and awakened at 4:30!  Made it on time for clocking in at least...

We weren't busy at all. Had all the prelim duties finished by 5:30, so did my LU and AP4Me. Had to send Loader E2 on a hunt for my dustmop and dustpan, then was able to start sweeping. Kel sent me to break at 7, and when I returned, continued sweeping and chatted with Randy B, showing him my calendar of planned events. Pulled trash at 7:30, mucked out the mats. Locked the doors at 9 and brought in the one cull cart, then took the trash to the hopper and returned an item to ISLG.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Only had one 'oopsie'....customer was wearing a B'fast Club tee, and I 'fessed I didn't care for the movie.  We started talking about John Hughes movies and I forgot to give them their change.  ASM S opened my drawer, since ASM A was stuck at CS, covering a break.

Outfit:  Blue crew Cabela's sweatshirt, red polo, new dark jeggings, LJs, FLG, Mickey earrings.

Day 202:  $7162

Arrived at 3 and took over for Kem, who had a drs appt, and discovered B had called in, as did two of our HCs. Finally got to meet the new one, Maria. Since we were short-handed, I asked Pro S if she minded covering my 30 min lunch, and I'd go at 5:15.  She agreed, so that's what I did.  She left at 6 when I returned, and Kel arrived shortly after.   Told her we'd already taken care of it, and I'd call if I needed a pit stop (I didn't). My dustmop and bucket were MIA again, so did all the closing duties except those needing a broom. Had a fairly easy night, thankfully!  At 9, I brought in the cull pack, locked the doors, and helped Loader AM get the outside trash.  ASM K cleaned me out, then after I let AM out, I returned items to Drywall, Plumbing, Tools, Electrical, and Lights.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Gray sweater, red polo, faded jeggings, LJs, FLG, red and clear danglys.

Day 203:  $9278

Arrived and found only Sandy up front, so took over for her from 3-5 at self-checkout (and endured hearing 'aren't you at the wrong end of the store?' or 'are you lost?'). Took over for B at 5, and things were fairly slow at first. Did my LU and printed out my check stub, then things picked up around 6. Was sent to lunch at 7, and when I returned, I pulled trash, including the outside, and had a steady stream of customers. Rang up the last one at 8:55, then locked the doors. HC K cleaned me out, and after Loader E brought in the concrete, Charlie came down and told me he'd watch the door.  Took the trash to the hopper, then returned items to Tools, Batteries, and Hardware. Put up my vest and clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  White plaid, black LS, black vest, faded jeggings, LJs, red and clear danglys.

Day 204:  Rare Sat  $4731

Arrived and took over for Em.  Was slightly busy the 1st 30 mins, then the place died. Mucked out the mats and swept, then things picked up again around 7:30. I'd already pulled the trash, and was ringing up a complicated order when Jaylee arrived to send me to break.  Customer walked off to get something else, so J hopped over and rang up another I invoiced mine and gave her the phone #, then took my break at 7:45.  Returned and swept again, then wiped down the counters. Locked the doors at 9, then was suprised to see a customer coming toward me. Helped her find her butane, then tossed the trash at Loader E1, and waited....and waited....and waited for HC C to arrive.  She finallly cleaned me out, and I walked her up front, returning an item to Tools and Hardware. Put up my vest.

Had two interesting customer encounters:  1) "Can you tell me where the (mumble) Earth (mumble)?" E says Aisle 10. I asked E what he'd said...'Furnace filters'.  Oookaaay.....2) I didn't hear the machine take his card, so asked him to swipe again.  He does, still nothing, but the screen changed.  Okay; I enter his final 4 digits and ask about a PO.  He says something..."TD?"  He repeats.  "ET?"  Turned out it was HEATING.  Geez....I can hear the radio; my co-workers, but two feet from my face? Nada.  I made a joke about getting my hearing aids checked!  They and the next customer got a laugh out of it!  Oh, and began my shift by slicing my finger on a box of flooring and ending up with a tiny paper cut on my left hand, middle finger.  Bandaid took care of the bleeeding.  

Clocked out at 9:40.

Outfit:  Light gray IN sweatshirt, Fuzzy slippers tee, faded jeggings, LJs, Mickey Mouse.

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