Monday, October 30, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W36

 Day 154:  $8833

Today was slower, due to the colder temps (high 45). Took over for Kem, and Amy was also there. Before she left at 4, she did the soda count. We were slighly busy for an hour, then when she left, I did the prelim duties. Discovered my broom and dustpan were MIA, so did my LU and AP4Me. Kel sent me to lunch at 6, and when I returned, fronted the soda, rang up customers, and at 8:30, pulled the trash. My final customer was at 9:30; Loaders D and A took the trash at the same time. Did one of my training refresher courses and locked the doors at 10. HC Cam cleaned me out; Loader A brought in the concrete; I returned items to Plumbing and Electrical before putting up my vest. Clocked out at 10:20.

Had a strange episode around 3:30-ish; all of a sudden I got light-headed and dizzy.  Put my head between my legs for a few moments, then was all right.  Thankfully, it never returned!

Outfit:  Halloween shirt, black l/s tee, black jeggings, skeletons

Day 155:  $10,968 (and 6 cents)  146,746/mo, 29,616/wk

Arrived and found Kem already leaving; Adrianne was there:)  She gave me a keychain of Big Ben and a pound note. A was in the middle of an 8-cart order, so I hopped on #2 and rang up several customers until she finished, and we swapped back and forth. She left at 4, and I did the prelim duties, hopped to #1, and fronted all the soda. Brenda sent me to break at 6:15, just after two complicated customer had 42 bags of insulation, and the other had 20 bags of concrete. When I returned, things slowed down. I swept, mucked out the mats, sanitized the registers, and pulled trash at 8:30. Final customer was at 9:30. 

Had 4 trick-or-treaters, and at 9:50, brought in the cull cart. Locked the doors at 10, and Mgr Charlie brought in the concrete.  After HC Cam cleaned me out, I took the trash to the hopper and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  "Betsey Ross" outfit, with spider headband, l/s black tee, and black jeggings underneath my Rendezvous outfit, and carried small USA flag.  Skeleton earrings.  Next year, Deaf Leopard??

Day 156:  $9996; 156,743/mo

Was slightly late getting to Lumber, due to figuring out what to do in LU that was required!  Told the new HR girl, Holly, I'd do it during my downtime.  When I got there, K was already gone, but Marilyn was on #2.  Hopped on 1 and we traded back and forth.  She left at 4 and I did the prelim duties, then started on my LU path.  Had to watch 5 vids, then take a quiz, of which I only missed the final question (still passing!). HC B sent me to lunch at 7:15 and when I returned, pulled the trash, swept, mucked the mats, and sanitized the registers.  ASM A bought me a candy bar and Bright a Monster. Locked the doors at 10 and while HC B was cleaning me out, took the trash to the hopper. Loader A brought the concrete in, and got a compliment from Loader D when I told him I'd be gone the next 2 days.  

"Oh crap....they don't run this area the way you do.  How long you going to be gone?"

Thanks D! Clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit:  Blue/white sweater, new faded jeggings, sapphire hoops

Day 157:  Rare Saturday  $8874

Arrived to discover we begin closing at 9.  One of my customers was wanting to make a payment, and Austin P wasn't sure how to do it, so I took over.  Then Al showed up and handled him, and asked him to go get the batteries I needed.  He did, and Chet and Marlene also showed up.  Then things slowed a bit, and I was able to make copies of the new soda count, and my sneak peeks. Was busy from then on, and things slowed around 8. I got the floor swept, then was sent to break. We didn't have any large trash bags, so brought down the square ones. After my break, emptied the trash and fronted the soda, and filled the bags. Walked HC Cam down front after locking the doors, then deactivated TWICE an unruly tool turtle. Took back the returns, then put up my vest and took the loading ticket and tax exempts to the front. Helped Marilyn move 15 carts to the front entrance, then relocated 10 of them around to the back. Clocked out at 9:40.

Bought a pink Kobalt toolbox:)

Outfit:  Blue crew neck Cabela's sweatshirt, red NHRA polo, new dark jeggings, sea horses

Time changes tomorrow, and I start my vacation on Tuesday!!!

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