Tuesday, April 9, 2024

April Goals

 How did I do in March?

-Lose 5lbs (starting 238)

-Make final decision on cover art for CYBL Check!

-Add words to existing WIPS Check!

-Do well at GSH Vendor Fair Sold 4

-Have an enjoyable time at Jeff Dunham show (March 21st) Check!  Laughed so much I nearly had an asthma attack!  GREAT dinner before at Outback!

-Cut carpet out of S's old room Not yet

-Pay next installment for NYC trip ($600) Pd $350

-Work enough hours to pay^^^^^ Thank you discretionary bonus!

-Upload digital copies to Patreon Not yet

-/Begin short story due in June Not yet

-Finish short story for BKM  Not yet

-Finish SE5 of 2.5 Men Check!  Now onto SE6...

-Convert 2 VHS to DVD ($44) Nope

-Read more in evenings Check!  Reading e-books in evenings

Health Update:  My left ankle has its good days and bad.

Books Read:  6

            Print:  4

        E-book:  2

2024 Events:

April 5-8th:  Eclipse Weekend

                4/5 (FF):  Sold 1

                4/6(Eclipse Washington):  Sold 12!

                4/7 (Eclipse Washington):  Sold 4, bartered 1:)

                4/8 (Eclipse Home):  Sold 1, paid $40 for parking cars

                            Grand Total:  18 sold, 1 bartered:)

April 27th:  SI-Con, Benton, Il (pd April 1st, 2023)  Sold 6:)

May 3rd:  Pop Up Event, FF

May 18th:  Magic of Books, Seymore, In ($40)

May 25-29th:  NYC Trip, Performing at CARNEGIE HALL!!!!!

June 2nd:  Spring On Main???

June 7-9th:  Superman Celebration, Metropolis, Il ($100)

July:  Imaginarium, Louisville, KY Pd 11/2023

August:  IABE, Terre Haute, IN ($85) Pd 12/1

September:  TBD

October:  TBD

November:  Indpls Christmas Gift And Hobby Show

December:  Kringle Market

April Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (start 238)

-Finalize Defending Destiny and order copies Check!  Now to fix the minor errors....

-Add words to existing WIPS Check:)

-Do well at SI Con Sold 3 and gave one away....oops!  I thought she'd ordered all 4; come to find out she'd only ordered Whispers.

-Cut carpet out of S's old room Not yet

-Pay next installment for NYC trip ($1100)  Am down to $600....whenever my CC gets here ($500-pd with virtual card!) and BIL sends me $100.

-Work enough hours to pay^^^^^ YES!

-Upload digital copies to Patreon Not yet...

-/Begin short story due in June Not yet....

-Finish short story for BKM  Not yet...

-Finish SE8 of 2.5 Men Am halfway through it

-Finish Amazing Race 2021 Check!  Derek and Claire (team BB) won!

-Watch BB 2021.Think I've got just 4-5 more weeks?

-Convert 2 VHS to DVD ($44) 

-Read more in evenings Check!  Reading e-books in evenings

March Reading Schedule:
Lessons Learned-Katie Cawood DRR!  Loved it, and can hardly wait to read the next one!
The Courtship of Camelia-Michele Shriver RR!  I was surprised by all the 'fat girl' comments, but it was a good story:)
Never Will I Leave Thee-Heather Wilbur
Porter The Importer-Ariella Talix
Bullies, Bovines, and A Bookmobile-MK Wyatt
Veiled Intentions-George Kramer
Abandon Hope-Michael De Camp
No Greater Love-Mildred Tengbom
Our Journey-Cassie Abel
Splinters-Bernie Niehaus
It Happened One Summer-Tessa Bailey Birthday Present from W:)
Hook, Line, and Sinker-Tessa Bailey Birthday Present from W:)
Illegal Use of Hands-Desiree Holt
Protecting Kate-DH
Defending Sophie-DH
Save The Date-Mary Kay Andrews
There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom-Louis Sachar
Watership Down-Richard Adams
Advika and The Hollywood Wives-Kirthana Ramisetti
Life Lessons-Katie Cawood
An Elephant in the Garden-Michae Morpurgo
The Queen-Andrew Morton
A Journey of Faith-Edward Grinnan
Louise Penney book
A Quiet Strength-Janette Oke
Valley of the Shaman-Arlen Andrews
Joyful Poems For Children-James Whitcomb Riley
I Heard God Laugh-Matthew Kelly
Life Is Messy-Matthew Kelly
Franklin and Eleanor

Broken Trust-Nana Malone Gah....399 pages???? finished 4/3 Good story
The Truth About Lies-Aly Martinez Long, drawn out story, but good.
Love in Lingerie-Alessandra Torre Long, drawn out story, but good
Soulless Nights-Virginia Johnson Why did I get this?  Oh yeah, it was free.
Cutting Through The Lies-Virginia Johnson DNF....just not invested in the characters
She's Got A Duke To Keep Her Warm-Sandra Sookoo
An Affair At Christmastide-Sandra Sookoo
Much Ado About A Storme-Sandra Sookoo
The Most Wonderful Earl-Sandra Sookoo
Loving The Duke-Jessie Clever
Mean Girls-Lucy Felthouse
Greyson-JM Walker
Control Us-JM Walker
Help Me Remember-Corinne Michaels (Want to get)

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