Monday, April 1, 2024

Life In Lumber: Y6, W6

 Day 21:  Mid 70s

Arrived just as it started pouring.  Sent Alice to break, and rang up a few customers, then we traded off until she left at 5. I took my break at 4:40 and cleaned out the coffee pot. Started the prelim duties, did my LU and AP4Me. Had a trainee with me most of the night. Talked D into buying me Thai when I went to dinner at 6:30. Afterward, started sweeping, pulled trash, mucked the mats, sanitized the registers and counters. Locked the doors at 9:55; Deja and Loader Jax left at 9; had zero customers after 9pm. HC Shel R cleaned me out; ASM Charlie brought in the concrete; I closed the garage door and took my trash to the hopper, then caught up with Josh to give him the area rug. Put up my vest and clocked out at 10:35.

Outfit:  Gray v-neck tee, new faded jeggings, blue with white stripes buttons

Day 22: Falling Temps, 70-49

Arrived again just as it began pouring. Sent Alice to break and rang up a few customers.  When A returned, realized there weren't enough customers between us, so took a quick soda inventory and went to fill it. Two ladies shanghaied me in Tools, and helped 'em the best I could before moving on. After collecting the soda, was able to fill most of it, before A needed to reboot her register.  Rang up several customers before getting the rest of the soda filled.  A took another pit stop; at 4:40 I turned off my light and put lemonade and water in the cart, then took a pit stop before returning to Lumber.  A left; I did the prelim duties. At 6, a customer's card declined, so he pulled out a mutilated check.  Ran it through manually, but it got stuck in the printer.  Couldn't get the register to behave, so got the number for IT from ASM Shan, then hopped on #2 to take care of the line. Went back to #1; it was behaving. Managed to save the transaction, then hopped back to #2.  Ran the check again manually, but it printed on the wrong side of the check.  Ooops....#1's printer malfunctioned, so shut the whole system down for a few.  Rebooted; same thing.  Ended up staying on #2 the rest of the evening. 

Was sent to lunch at 6:30 and when I returned, my trainee was there. She was doing well on the register, so I swept and pulled trash.  At 9:30, we had another 'Transaction From Hell'....rang up the customer's 4 carts; card declined, even the store card.  Saved invoice; hopped to #3.  Same thing.  Former HC Kate walked by; she was able to get a partial payment, but everything else declined, even the hubby's cards!  At this point, the store was closing, so Kate said she'd refund everything. I stepped away to lock the doors when lo and behold.....everything worked again!  HC Kay cleaned me out; I sent Deja to Tools, Hardware, and Pets to return items.  I took the trash to the hopper and returned items to Aisle 21, Millwork, and Aisle 19. After ASM Charlie brought in the concrete, I closed the garage door and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:45.

Outfit:  Lavander sweater, new faded jeggings, white danglies

Day 23: Mid 40s

Arrived in the rain and took over for Alice. Wasn't too busy.  When A left at 5, I did the prelim duties and LU.  I got a 24 cent raise!!!  Was sent to lunch at 6:10 and when I returned, Deja was with me again. I swept, mucked out the mats, and pulled trash; she left at 9; I filled the soda and sanitized the registers and counters. Brighton took the hopper out while HC Britt cleaned me out. After B came back, I closed the garage door and returned an item to Aisle 1 after putting up my vest.  Good shift!

Before I went on the clock, ASM Chris asked me if we were going to have another transaction like yesterday's!  I said I really hoped NOT!  LOL....

Outfit:  Teal l/s tee, black vest, new faded jeggings, Grandma's white danglie.

Am off until next Tues for Eclipse events!!  Here's hoping the weather stays nice.....

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