Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Life In Lumber: Y6, W7

 Day 24: High 60s, rain

My battery died on Sunday, so D drove me in. Took over for Alice, who informed me she was off on Wed. Rang up a few customers, then the place died. Did the prelim duties, only to discover there were no trash bags. Read my email and learned Corporate is coming tomorrow, fun, fun. Hope they're gone by the time I arrive at 3!  Did my LU and AP4Me; helped a customer figure out how to get a live person when he called the credit card company, then took his payment. Swept the area behind the pro desk, the area between the registers, and the area from the pro desk to the 7/16 OSB. The rain arrived, and so did a flood of customers! Deja sent me to break at 8:10, and before taking my break, retrieved the trash bags. When I returned, pulled the trash, sanitized the registers and coffee bar, and replaced all the trash bags. Did the soda count, and after HC Kay and ASM Shan cleaned me out, I filled the soda coolers.  Loader Charles brought in the concrete and took my trash to the hopper. I had already returned the two items earlier to Plumbing and Hardware, so put up my vest and went up front. Clocked out at 10:30; D picked me up in my van; he'd gotten a new battery for it:)

Outfit:  I Blacked Out tee, black l/s tee, new dark jeggings, eclipse danglies

Day 25:  Low 60s, rain

Arrived and took over for Kem. Was steady for an hour, then things trickled down. Corporate was in, but by 4, everyone had left, and SM J wouldn't give any hints as to how it had gone. At 5, did the prelim duties; HC Britt sent me to lunch at 6:45. Emptied the coffee and returned an hour later. Things were dead; I'd already swept the Pro area, front and back; did my LU; checked my schedule. Pulled trash at 8:30; sanitized the coffee bar at 9:30, fronted all the soda, and locked the doors at 10.  Loader Charles brought in the concrete and took my trash to the hopper.  I walked HC Britt up front after she cleaned me out, then put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:45.

Off to Lafayette tomorrow:)

Outfit:  Gray hooded sweatshirt, new dark jeggings, green danglies

Day 26: Mid 50s, sunny

Day began on a sour note, when we learned we would have to pay $2700 to Fed tax and $400 to state.  Ugh.  D blamed me.

Arrived and took over for Alice, then did the prelim duties and LU. Ran off copies of my excerpts. Did the soda count. Was so busy, I didn't have time to hardly do any closing duties, but did pull trash at 8:30. Conrad sent me on my break at 9. When I returned, I finished pulling the trash and sanitized the coffee bar. Spot-swept. Locked the doors at 10. ASM Charlie brought in the concrete; after HC Britt cleaned me out, took my trash to the hopper and put up my vest. Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Brown striped cowl-neck; faded jeggings; small marquis diamond studs.

Day 27:  Rare Sat Mid 70s, sunny

I knew we were going to be uber busy this weekend, and I was right.  Arrived and took over for Marilyn. Sent Dawson to lunch and was steady until he returned an hour later. I took my break around 4:15, then had to take an extra pit stop due to the unfortunate result of the one slice of Domino's pizza had on me.  D left at 5 and I was slammed for an hour.  Managed to get the prelim duties done, then was busy again.  A lady called ME on the phone, wanting to know if we had 8 ft cedar pickets; she'd paid for them, but had gotten pine instead.  15 minutes later (with Loader Ethyn trying to run the register, then ASM Shan taking over), I finally got her to understand we didn't have any 8' cedar, only the 6'.  She said she'd make it work, and I was finally able to give E back his Zebra!  HC Britt sent me to lunch at 7:30; I treated myself to MCA's, where the person behind the counter saw the book I was reading, Katie C's Lessons Learned, and commented, "Good book!"

Returned an hour later and had to immediately clock in and sign in, so HC Britt could do an o/r. Was busy for the next hour, then was able to pull the trash and sweep the entire area.  Realized around 9:50 I'd never put my vest back on.  Oh well.... Locked the doors at 10 and Brighton brought in the concrete.  Closed the garage door, and when HC Britt cleaned me out, I took the trash to the hopper.  Returned 5 doorknobs to Hardware and a saw blade to Tools, then took Robert's trash to the hopper and picked up a roll of trash bags for Lumber.  Took a pit stop, then put up my vest and found MORE Domino's pizza!  Ate a slice of sausage, and clocked out at 10:30.

Oh, and my 'work husband' Brent will be returning to work in Milwork next week!  YAY!!!

Outfit:  Black Washington Eclipse tee, faded jeggings, gold stars

Day 28:  Rare Sun Low 80s, sunny

Arrived to discover 3 of us in Lumber. Did the soda count, then retrieved it. Arrived back in Lumber just as it was time for Marilyn to leave, and Amy had been called up front. Was busy, but able to do the prelim duties. Filled the soda coolers whenever I had a chance, which took 2 hours. Sent AJ to Paint, Tools, and Fashion Bath with the returns. Got frustrated with Loader Jax when he couldn't locate the mold resistant drywall and sent Loader Joey to help him.  ASM Chris asked me if I needed anything; I told him, "A lumber associate with a brain." HC Shel sent me to break at 6:30; I took an extra 5 mins. Came back and at 7:15, it finally calmed down.  Was able to pull trash and sweep, and muck out the mats. AJ brought in the concrete at 7:30, so I locked the doors. Closed the garage door at 8, and when HC Shel cleaned me out, tried to take the trash to the hopper, but someone had already taken off with it. Returned an item to Millwork, then hauled the trash to Receiving.  Put up my vest, then went up front and volunteered to wait for HC. Hauled the extra carts to the front area, then clocked out around 9:25. HC Shel and I hauled the 13 extra carts outside to the waiting area.

Outfit:  Blue sparkle tee, faded jeggings, pearl danglies

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