Thursday, April 18, 2024

BB2021: Week 1 and 2

 Week 1:

Divided Into Groups:

Jokers             Aces           Kings                Queens

Team Captains:

Frenchie       Whitney        Christian        Claire

Azah               Brent             Alyssa            Kyland

Britini            Derek X        Xavier            Tiffany

Derek F        Hannah            Travis            Sara Beth

HOH:  Frenchie, plus decides to decline the 'double or nothing' offer, yet makes it after the fact.

Have-Nots:  Kings, who finished last.

Wildcard Comp:

Kyland  4:86

Hannah  4:14

Christian  1:25  Wins and keeps himself safe:)  Spins the wheel and keeps Xavier safe


Kyland and Alyssa

Frenchie has lost his mind.  He nominated Alyssa, thinking she was in a showmance with Christian.  His 'observational skills' are obviously on the wrong track; now he's targeting Derek X!

The Cookout Alliance is formed! 

Tiffany, Derek F, Xavier, Azah, and Kyland


Frenchie, Tiffany, Kyland, Travis, Hannah, and Derek X (which totally messes up Frenchie's back door plan.....unless either Trav or DX don't win.)

Derek X wins!  Uses it on Kyland; Frenchie puts up Travis.

Eviction Night:  

Travis is evicted, 11-2

HOH Comp:  Pool Sharks

Kyland wins, on his 30th birthday:)

Week 2:

Wildcard Comp:

Frenchie wins 3rd round:)

Sarah Beth wins 1st round:) And 4th round:) and 5th!  She wins and opts to stay with her team, instead of switching places with either Claire or Tiffany.

Brent wins 2nd round:)

Frenchie....dude, after only one conversation that apparently didn't go your way, you're ready to throw in the towel?  Chill out!  You're beginning to piss off your fellow houseguests and make them WANT to vote you off!

Kyland nominates Frenchie and Britini



Kyland, Frenchie, Britini, Alyssa, Claire, and Derek X:)

Kyland:  4:54

Frenchie:  5;06

Britini:  5:08

Alyssa:  6:57

Claire:  5:33

Derek X:  4:41  Wins!!!  Doesn't use it; noms stay the same.

Eviction Night:

What is it with Azah and her low-cut outfits?  Same with Hannah....both were seen tugging their tops into place.....and when Azah stood up, I thought she was going to 'fall out'.

And yes, Tiff...we know you have cleavage.  Cover it up. 

Same with Xavier....button your shirt....I think that look went out in the 70s....and you have NHOC!

Frenchie is evicted, 11-1


Xavier wins!

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