Monday, December 27, 2021

Life In Lumber, Y3, W 39

 Day 160:  $5,555 (and 89 cents!)

Today was the shift from Hell.  Things started off great when I clocked in and was sent to LG!  Thought I'd only be there for less than an hour, but Patty was held up at the drs office, and at 5:15, HC M finally closed down LG so I could relieve Bill in Lumber!  Got a shock when I messaged a friend 'MC and HNY' and got a selfie from them at the beach!  Rang up one customer and spoke to three.

Once back in Lumber, I gathered the paperwork and consolidated the trash....then things went downhill.  Customer A handed me an order detail, and it wasn't until after I'd scanned the entire cart that I realized NOTHING had rung up.  So did it again...with same results.  Then skipped the detail and things went fine.  Went to total it out and it wouldn't do it.  Tried to switch it to 'CW', but it refused.  Called Flooring and Josh tried to help, but an emergency arose, so he had to get off.  Tried it again, and it worked, and they left.

Was sent to lunch at 6:15. and when I returned, Customer B used their LCC to pay, but it declined.  Took off the gift cards....still declined.  She got someone on the phone who swore there was ample funds.  In the meantime, I rang up two more customers on the next register, and two more on #2.  They said they had a PIN for the card; I looked at Kristen and said, "There's no PIN on the LCC."  She took them to CS to figure it out.  In the meantime, I had to stay close to the door, since they had a forklift full of insulation, and the man had wanted Loader AM to put it on his trailer, but he said no, he had to wait for the receipt.  ASM M came down and told me their story about a fraud alert tied to the GCs was full of crap...AM moved the insulation toward the register, and the customers left, empty-handed.  I closed the door and spotted AM back to aisle 18.

Customer C needed an approval code at 8:50...and Customer D neglected to tell me to tab down to the 3rd name, and his VA discount didn't take.  HC M had to come down and do the refund/rebill.  Didn't start taking returns back to Electrical, Ladders, and Flooring until 9:20!  Clocked out at 9:40 and went to BW3 for my birthday wings. 

I hope tomorrow is better....I did manage to muck out under the mats, but only got #2 and 3 sanitized.

Outfit:  Blue Manning jersey, white tunic, new dark jeggings, blue snowflake socks, blue check mask

Day 161:  $3,939 (and 99 cents!)

Arrived; teased HC M...'Do you want me to go to LG for an hour?"  Things were slow, so did my LU and AP4Me, and helped ring up customers.  Loader J had brought cupcakes; slightly dry, but the frosting was amazing!!  Did the soda count, and when B left, did the other prelim duties. 

Took my break at 6:20 and when I returned, began sweeping.  Turned on the Dastardly Dingos Podcast at 7:30 while I sanitized and filled the soda cooler, plus sanitized the counters.  The ONLY issue we had tonight was a customer paid for 12 containers of Gorilla Glue construction adhesive, but we only had 10 on hand.  This happened as I was heading to break; Kenzie tried to refund 2 containers, but the system wouldn't let her, and she sent him to CS.  Found out later the entire order had to be refunded and rebilled.  I only had 2 o/r; one for a vanity and the other for a can of paint.  Loader AW had already dumped the trash earlier in the day, so after we locked the doors and rang up one more customer, I took the trash down to the hopper and after AW brought in the concrete and set the safety pallets, I put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Black/white striped shirt, new dark jeggings, character X-mas socks, starry night mask.

Day 162:  $10,999 (and 37 cents!  Tried to talk someone into buying a candy bar...)

Arrived and since we didn't hardly have any traffic, decided to take the returns back to tools, Lighting, Paint, and Hardware.  Then did my LU and logged in.

Cust. A paid with a check, but it was made out for the wrong amount; ASM N came down and authorized it, and told me to give them back change.

Cust B had wire that was supposed to be $1.12/foot, but rang up $1.18.  G gave me and o/r.

Cust C had a propane exchange....but HC C was tied up at the CS, on the phone to IT, so had to call G to go do it.

Ben came down before 5 to send me to break; I protested it was too early.  Finally was sent at 7:40! 

Custs D and E arrived at 6:30, but were still in Plumbing when I finished my break at 7:55!  They finally showed up in my lane as the store was closing at 9.

I DID get the soda count done, and the floor swept, and the registers sanitized.

Took the trash to the hopper and then returned an item to Electrical before putting up my vest.

Outfit:  Maroon shirt, new dark jeggings, blue check mask

Day 163:  $$5246

Arrived and told Darrin not to forget Marci's present (socks), then headed down.  Things were rather slow, so started soda count, and then Alicia told me about the cart full of soda someone had left.  I called HC who told me to please put it up.  I filled our coolers, then took it down to to Receiving, where Darla informed me she'd spent the morning organizing it, and to please put things where they went, and to not just leave the cart!  So I did....then noticed there was Red Bull, so filled the cart and took it back....only to discover someone else had already filled it!  So back to Receiving again....and when I returned, A was logging out.  

Discovered there had been a bruhah between Pro L and new Pro S...and S went to SM S to report it.  L was asked about it....HR is now 'investigating'....L was told he's being transferred to HW....but he later quit.  Pro J was present, but not paying attention; no idea if Pro C was around when it happened.  

Was sent to break at 5:25, and when I returned, consolidated trash, gathered paperwork, and did my LU, getting all of them correct!

Customer A had discounted millwork; rang up all and called for o/r, then realized I'd rung up the first 5 wrong.  HC C had to refund/rebill.

Customer B dropped a bag, and I tried to make a joke by asking if it tried to defect....they didn't get it.

Customer C arrived with a countertop on top of their cart; had to have them take it off and set it on another cart so I could ring up everything underneath.

Got smiles when I'd tell my 'regulars' I'd 'see them next year', since I'm off tomorrow, NYE.

We actually closed up on time, then Loader AW brought in the concrete and put the safety pallets on top; I took the trash down and two items to RTM.  Put up my vest and clocked out at 9:25.

Outfit:  Black/gray leopard stripe, new dark jeggings, starry night mask.

Day 164:  Happy New Year!  Rare Saturday  $10,023

Arrived; discovered there were three of us assigned; Mgr N arrived and swapped out Jill and Cindy.  I took the returns back from the previous day, then helped Marilyn load the soda coolers.  Brought in carts when necessary; it rained ALL day long!  Did my LU, then took my break after C took hers....and an intestinal issue hit....once at 11:15 and another at 11:30 (fortunately, I'd only reached the break room!), and a third time at 12:30.  C went to lunch, and I was busy for an hour, needing two Code 3s and an o/r for a discounted door.  When C returned, Harley and I went to McA's, where the last of my intestinal issue finished its last gasp.  

When I returned, I brought in carts; said hi to friend and fellow author NR; tried to help a customer find a finish nail gun, and got a snippy customer when I tried to ring him up AND page for of his items was accidentally rung up twice.

"Just what I want....check out, then have to go to CS for a refund."

"I'm so sorry, sir, but I'm not able to process refunds.  Have a Happy New Year!"

Things slowed a bit, so we gathered the trash and swept the floor.....and brought in more carts. Mgr J asked me to take down the balloons, so I did.  Mgr G asked me to take down the Pro table.  C took her final break; I took mine at 5, and when I returned, we sanitized the registers and attempted to get all our customers out of the store before 6, which we did.  I ended up taking one final bag of trash to Receiving while C walked HC C up front.  Put up my vest and we all clocked out around 6:30.

Outfit:  White lacy shirt; new faded jeggings, blue 'bling' mask. 

                                                        Happy New Year!!

Day 165:  Rare Sunday  $12,280 (and 8 cents!)

Arrived and hopped on #2 as Jill took her 1st break.  When she returned (I wasn't that busy), I did my LU, then stayed on #2.  I took my break at 12:30, and returned a door to Millwork.  When J went to lunch at 1, I checked my sales; $2600.  Got slammed while she was gone, and Loader Cam helped out before HC H came down to help.  When J returned, things slowed a little, and I checked my sales; $6000+!  I went to lunch at 3 with Lee, and we went to Subway.  When I returned, we were fairly steady, and J took her 2nd break at 4:30.  I took mine an hour later, then we gathered the trash and filled the bags.  After J left at 6, I hopped over to #1, and started sweeping.  Things really slowed at 7, and was able to muck out under all the mats and sweep the horseshoe and the 1st 3 bays of aisles 19 and 20. 

Loader Cam left at 5, b/c he was running into o/t, so we didn't have a lumber associate, since AW had called in.  Really only had maybe 3 customers that last hour, but did have 2 people walk in at five til eight, but turned around and walked out five minutes later.  Locked the doors, and was figuring out where the returns went when HC M cleaned out my register.  Took an item back to H/W, then two to the clearance rack.  Took the trash to the hopper and put up my vest.

Was none too pleased to learn that Bill had been 'promoted' to Pro Cashier with a set schedule!  I asked Mrg N (very respectfully!) to schedule me two days off in a row, and he explained we were down 7 cashiers!  I told him to call me in when he's short; I'd do it.

Clocked out at 8:20.

Outfit:  Home Grown sweatshirt, Mom tee, faded jeggings, blue sparkle mask

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