Monday, December 13, 2021

Life In Lumber Y3, W37

 Day 150:  $5,086

Arrived early and knocked out my LU then clocked in.  Began ringing up customers as soon as I arrived, and we were fairly slow for the 1st hour. Did the soda count, but soda wasn't pulled....did some of the other prelim duties.  When B left, the crowd arrived, briefly.  Managed to get my AP4Me done, and was sent to lunch at 6:30.  When I returned, I began sweeping and sanitizing.  Was actually done by 8:30, then rang up my last two customers at 8:55.  Locked the doors at 9, and after Loader C took the trash, took my loading tickets and tax exempts to the front.  HC A cleaned me out at 9:05.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Blue waffle shirt, dark jeggings, Monet mask

Day 151:  $7,281

Arrived; began ringing up customers and chatting with B.  Thought I saw T walk in, but if he did, he didn't check out through Pro. After B left, swept and did the prelim duties. Went to break at 6:45, and when I returned, mucked out from under all the mats and saw one of my favorite customers.

Mgr N asked me to work Thursday 10-7, and I agreed. 

After gathering the trash and sweeping the 1st three bays of #20 and the 'horsehoe', I sanitized the registers, and rang up my final 3 customers.  At one point, after 5pm. the registers acted as if they were frozen, but within 5 mins, they were working normally again.  

After Loader AM took the trash, I waited and when he returned, locked the doors while HC A cleaned me out.  Clocked out at 9:25.

Outfit:  Red l/s shirt, black striped poncho, dark jeggings, Monet mask

Day 152:  $5,271

Arrived; started to do the soda count, then was told it was already done.  Brought in carts and ate candy while ringing up customers until B left.  Did the prelim duties, and took my break at 6:15.  When I came back, began sweeping and trying to make everything look good.  Got Loader AW to clean under Registers 2 and 3, to get all the dirt cleaned up, and he did a great job.  At 8, began sanitzing the registers and the counters.

HC C came down to clean me out, then Loader AW took out the trash and ran out of propane.  Had to wait until they got him going again before I could return some needle-nosed pliers to Tools and put up my vest.  I'd done my LU and checked my schedule through Jan 6th.

Outfit:  Red/gold gauze shirt, dark jeggings, Tools mask

Day 153:  $1440

Arrived and discovered I'd be in LG from 10-7. Relieved Val, and remembered how to work the new system.  Had only two customers the first two hours, then one after that.  It was pouring down rain, and had several people walk in, but only those 3 actually came through my line.  Went to lunch at 2 and ate my Chicken Pesto Mac, and when I returned, had five more customers.  Took my final break at 5, then had ZERO customers until HC C cleaned me out at 7:15.  Went to Lumber and covered a pit stop, then bought my two flip lid totes and a GC for my Secret Santa.

Outfit:  Red/black santa shirt, black tunic, dark jeggings, outer space mask.

Day 154:  $2697

Arrived at 4:30, since I'd gone to Mike Williams (church choir) funeral.  Was busy for an hour, then started the prelim duties.  Went to break at 6, and when I returned, things had slowed down, so I did my LU and started addressing and signing the rest of my Christmas cards, and ringing up the stray customer who wandered down.  At 7:30, started sweeping and gathering the trash, and an hour later, sanitized the registers. 

My Secret Santa spoiled me!  Bottle of Purple Toad Red Wine; a soft (so soft!), white teddy bear wearing a black and silver bow tie and santa hat; a pink wine tumbler (small); two candles, one vanilla and one Warm Apple Pie; Dove milk chocolates, Reeses Santas, and Snicker bars. 

Had two sketchy guys milling around; they checked out up front, and Loader AM checked their receipt and said it looked legit, but ASM M thought there was some theft going on.

Outfit:  Black baby cable-knit sweater, red polo shirt, new dark jeggings, Starry Night mask

Day 155:  Rare Saturday  $13,445

Arrived; sent Kenzie to break.  Was fairly steady the entire 1st half of my shift. Was snacking on the white chocolate crunch, and after my 1st break, took my coat and book to lumber with me.  Around 2:30, felt a horrible gas pain, followed by the 'get-to-the-bathroom-asap' urge.  Turned off my light, shed my vest, and told Jill.  Made it just in time...and then the same thing hit an hour later, only J was gone so had Loader C take over.  Was sent to lunch at 4, and went to McA's.  When I returned, took over for Alicia, and did the soda count, and started the prelim duties.  Things settled down around 6, and was able to sweep.  Took my 2nd break at 7 and had another slight intestinal issue, but not too bad.  Took my coat and book back to my locker. 

Put the soda away and sanitized the registers, and locked the doors at 9.

Outfit:  Red snowflake sweater, new faded jeggings, outer space mask

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