Monday, December 6, 2021

Life In Lumber, Y3 W36

 Day 148: $5132

Arrived; bought daughter's light cover, my medicine cabinet, and D's light.  Clocked in and immediately went to work ringing up customers to help B with the line.  After B left, did the prelim duties and my LU, then started on the SCAM training.  After my 15 min break, did my AP4Me and started on the closing duties.  Swept, then finally sanitized the registers at 8:45.  Locked the doors at 9; walked HC M to the front, then took my trash to the hopper, said goodbye to Loader T who will return after the New Year, and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:20.  

I'm off til Friday:)

Outfit:  Blue Manning jersey, white tunic, faded jeggings, spider mask, blue fingerless gloves.

Day 149:  $3,864

Arrived; rang up one customer and started the prelim duties, then did my LU and the rest of my internet protection training in between customers, finally getting it done by 6pm.  Then started on the sweeping and did the pop count.  Called HC C around 7:30 for a pit stop; she said L was on her way down with the soda and to have her stay.  L arrived and got the panicked deer-in-the-headlights look, so I showed her how to log into the new system and told her I'd be fast, and we didn't currently have any customers.  When I returned, she hadn't had to log in, and gratefully fled back to the front, ha ha!

Had one customer thank me for being there; she always wants me to let her know her LAR balance, and 'those young girls don't know how to do it.'  Loader AM also thanked me for being there; apparently Jill doesn't sweep the 1st three bays of aisles 19 and 20 like I do!

Due to the incoming stormy weather, the boys took the trash at 7, but after I sanitized the registers and locked the doors, Mgr N came to clean me out and I sent Loader AM down with my one bag of trash and two collapsed boxes.  Clocked out around 9:20.

Outfit:  Red/black plaid tunic, faded jeggings, spider mask.

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