Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Life In Lumber Y4, W27

 Day 116:  $6,576 (and 97 cents)

Arrived and took over for B.  Things were busy until 7, but still managed to get the soda count finished...ALL of it.  Em sent me to break at 7:45 and when I returned, swept, pulled trash, and put the soda away.  Mucked out all the mats and did my LU and AP4Me.  Had to jump to #2 when a customer paid me $1700 in cash.

Got into hot water with Loader AM....he went to break and a trucker came in.  I told him to wait until A returned....turns out I should have called ASM J.  A later apologized for bitching at me. Took the trash to the hopper and returned items to Electrical and Tools after HC C cleaned me out.

Saw former co-worker Bre in the break room; congratulated her on getting the night supervisor position. Clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit:  Indian Motorcycle tee, cut off capris, blue studs

Day 117:  $5,846 (and 91 cents)

Arrived and took over for B.  Did prelim duties and soda count, but learned later we weren't pulling it, due to only having 3 closers. Did my LU and went to break at 7:30 when Noah relieved me.  When I returned, he was ringing up the LARGE order (6-7 carts!), so hopped on #2 to help two other customers.  Discovered my dustpan was AWOL, so swept, and shoved the debris either out the door or under the lumber. Sanitized the counters and brought in the cull carts.  Loader E took the returns and trash for me. Clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit: Def Leopard tee, cut off capris, blue studs

Day 118:  $14,187 (and 91 cents)

Arrived and took over for B.  Was busy ALL night until 9pm!  Had soda count finished by 7:30, but wasn't able to start the closing duties until after I came back from break at 8:30. Fortunately, the floor wasn't too bad; was able to sweep it in a few minutes, then mucked out the mats.  Tried to do my LU, but was distracted by HC J bringing in the cull carts and shutting me down early.  Will re-take it tomorrow.  Locked the doors, took the rest of my trash (I'd forgotten to pull #1s) to the hopper and returned items to Electrical and Aisle 10. Clocked out at 10:15.

Mon, pissed off Loader A (hailed him when he was still off the clock); Tues, pissed off ASM M, when we played phone tag; and today, pissed of HC J when I called for an o/r, but Juan got to me 1st. Customer tried to stick up for me, but it was okay.  For the record, I've 'kissed and made up' will all 3.

J and I had a long chat in the parking lot and I found out a few things:  ASM K doesn't report to SM S; she went over his head to the S's boss for her position.  A LOT of people are leaving due to her, and there's not a damn thing anyone can do.

Outfit:  Rob Strong tee, original capris, sapphire hoops

Day 119:  $7,362 (and 81 cents)

Arrived and was sent to LG to cover Marilyn's break, then to Lumber to cover Bill's.  Stayed in Lumber til 5, then was sent back up front until 6:30. Did soda count up front and filled it, then clocked out at 7:30 and joined the family at Fazolli's.

Outfit:  Mom tee, original capris, sapphire hoops.

Day 120:  $11,145 (and 62 cents)

Arrived and was busy until my break at 8. Did soda count and prelim duties, then after break, pulled trash and swept.  Put away the soda. Clocked out at 10:30.

Finally passed the LU quiz;

Outfit:  PU tee, original capris, sapphire hoops.

Day 121Rare Sat  $5,856 (and 16 cents)

Arrived; Em did soda count, then helped her put it away.  Swept the place, including the mats, and sanitized the registers and counters. Took the trash down when HC C pulled me, then took items back to Paint and the front end.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  LU tee, cut off capris, sapphire hoops

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