Saturday, February 1, 2014

EOTY Recap and Feb Reading List

January was a frigid, bi-polar month around here.  We'd be in the single digits for 3-4 days, then 'warm up' to the 20's or 30's, then plummet right back down.  Wind chills were below zero, and even schools were closed due to snow/ice/dangerous wind chills.  As I type this now, we aren't sure if we're getting rain, sleet, or an inch of snow later today.  See why we're confused?  I think Mother Nature is going through Menapause and needs medication.  Or she's bi-polar and is off her meds.  Whatever the reason, I've had bronchitis twice now.  And I'm tired of not knowing how many layers to put on in the morning.

Books Read:  Did read all 6 of the print books, and two of the e-books, with two more CNF.  This is what happens when you take a chance on free books.  Blurbs sounded awesome, but the 1st 'CNF' was in 1st person and boring while the 2nd 'CNF' was more interesting until Ch 4, where I realized I had no idea what I'd just read, three pages into it.  Maybe it would help if I began reading earlier in the day, instead of a chapter a night?  With the daughter and I sharing a Kindle, I'm frustrated because 1) it usually needs charged by the time I get it; 2) something's wrong with the connection to said charger, so it doesn't always GET charged; and 3) by the time I get it, I'm usually too damn tired to read.

Karaoke:  I haven't added any new songs this month, due to only going twice.  This weather SUCKS!

Health:  Bronchitis again, so went back to breathing treatments for a weekend, and can now breathe again!

Exercise:  Right now, limited to walking up and down stairs.  I hate to walk on ice or in sub-zero temps.  I typically hibernate in the winter.  I really hope February warms up, so I can start walking again!  I did finally manage to lose the weight I'd put on the 2nd week of November!  Going for another four pounds this month.

Submission/Writing Update:  Cleaned up Kenzie's Alien-Meets-Human story and sent it off.  Since my laptop is off for repairs, my writing time is now limited, since the daughter works nights and I'm on Grandma Duty during the day.

February Reading Schedule:
Snowy Encounters-Clarissa Yip Good
Take Me Away-T. Donahue Good
Two for the Price of One-Sandy Sullivan Excellent!
Forgiving Patience-Jennifer Simkins Excellent!
Sacking Austin- Lori Beth Johnson Wonderful story!
Climbing High- Madelon Smid Okay
A Silver Lining- T.L. McClure DNF
Notorious-Leanne Davis DNF
A Red, Red Rose-Susan Coryell DNF
Maximum Memories-Abby Gordon DNF
Untangle My Heart-Maria K Alexander Not bad

Kara  Karaoke Songs:
          Friday I'm In Love (The Cure) Bleh
          Friends and Lovers (Gloria Loring/Carl Anderson) DNH
          From This Moment (Shania Twain) Good
          Fun, Fun, Fun (Beach Boys) Bleh
          Foolish Beat (Debbie Gibson, if Mark can find it!) DNH
          Foolin' Yourself (Styx, if it can be found!) DNH
          Gambler (Kenny Rogers:  I know it's too low, but maybe on a slow night?) Skipped it
          Game of Love (Santana with Michelle Branch) Good
          Games People Play (Alan Parsons) Bleh
          Genie in a Bottle (Christina Agulara) Good
          Georgy Girl (Seekers) Not bad:)
          Get Back (Beatles) Bleh
          Get The Party Started (Pink) Bleh

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