Friday, February 21, 2014

Flashback Friday: Sick Again!

Feb 1994:
I was once again sniffling and sneezing, and the only thing I could take was Sudafed or Actifed.  I began recording an entire 6 hour VHS tape of K's favorite Barney episodes, as well as another full of Shining Time Station.  All this due to the fact I popped my medication after lunch, left K in the living room watching the 2nd Barney episode of the day....and woke up two hours later.  K was fast asleep on the living room floor and Body Electric was playing on the TV.  Thankfully, he had NOT ventured outside!

When I saw Dr. S, he was amazed at my now-three month old battle with sinus infection.  And he could not give me the prescription strength meds, due to the pregnancy.  I'd have to ride this out with the OTC meds.  I griped about being so healthy with K, and if I'd been this sick first, he'd have been an only child!

Mom met me at the hospital for the ultrasound, and it was the first time I'd ever admitted the 1st pregnancy existed.  It had always been pushed to the back of my mind, and I'd never spoken about it before.  Mom got the true story of it, finally after four long years.  We picked up my great-grandmother and ate lunch at the Olive Garden.  And no, I didn't want to know the sex.  I was hoping for a girl, but still wanted to be surprised.

Next Month:  Trip to the Zoo!

Present Day:
Olympics are going great!  Alex, Will, and Dan have been watching some of the events with me, and have enjoyed them.  He still falls asleep during the ice events, though.

Choir is singing Sunday at 8, so I'll have to leave 'roke around midnight.  But I should be able to sing at least 3-4 songs:
Georgy Girl (Seekers)
Get Back (Beatles)
Get This Party Started (Pink)
You Haven't Seen The Last of Me (Cher)

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