Monday, February 17, 2014

What I've Learned In The Past Three Weeks

I received a wonderful Valentine's Day gift:  UPS delivered my fixed laptop:)

Now you'd think I'd pounce on it, open it up, and announce this fact on social media, correct?  Nope; I was doing laundry at the time, so stayed on task until it was finished.

THEN I freed my 'baby' from the box.  Worked for a few moments, then went to do something else.

What have the past three weeks of limited computer time taught me?
-I don't have to know everything my FB friends post.  If I wonder what they're up to, I'll type their name in the box and scroll down.  I don't think I missed anything important, but did have to recheck two friends' pages for more info.  Voila; I'm caught up in 2 mins and they've been added to my prayer list.

-Housework doesn't take that long to do.  I can generally knock out the KP in less than 30 mins each night, and this frees up space on the kitchen counter, should cookie baking be required.

-I can knock out two batches of cookies (5 dozen) in about 90 mins.

-Yes, I prefer to stay on top of my email.  Reading three or more digests of the same loop is tiring.

-Yahell switched me over to NEO on Friday.  I was not amused.  What was wrong with the other?  If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!!!!  I liked the old format!

-My creativity has been 'recharged'; I'm back to work on book #2 of my Aliens.  Note to self:  Need series name.

-I am now hooked on Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First, thanks to my granddaughter.  And to a lesser degree, Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

-I cannot view videos uploaded from camera on desktop, so none were uploaded from Karaoke.  And something happened to the file I dumped in dropbox, and now four videos are missing from January.  But they weren't very good, and I can re-sing them.  In fact, did so last night.  Now just need access to the wifi for swift upload time.

In short, Molly does not need to spend large blocks of time on social media; she just needs to stay on top of her mailbox!

Karaoke Update:
Sang the following songs on Saturday:
Game of Love (okay)
Games People Play ( screwed up)
Separate Ways/Worlds Apart (Nailed it!)
Genie In A Bottle (think it was okay; my 'fans' at the front table enjoyed it!)
You're The One That I Want (did this one as a joke; karaoke-bombed one of the more 'entertaining' singers, since he and his date did 'Summer Lovin' and I wanted to see how he'd do on this one.  Turns out he hadn't sung it in years!)


Melissa Keir said...

I'm glad you got your baby back. I would go crazy without a computer. Just ask my hubby. When we are camping, the computer goes with me and I write or work on stories while he relaxes or naps.

Unknown said...

sounds like a lot of positives going on...glad you found your muse. :)
And Doc and Sofia are a must in my house too. lol