Friday, February 7, 2014

Flashback Friday: Fun Times At A Birthday Party!

Currently Reading:  Thoroughly enjoyed Clarissa Yip's Snowy Encounter, and even ordered Love At The Auction since the excerpt at the end of SE intrigued me:)  Recommended Read, though I felt the ending was a bit rushed.  But overall, great story!  The one place I was appalled going into the scene was where they start to get intimate outside in the snow!  I don't care how hot I am for the guy....there's no way in hell I'm taking off even a layer of clothing in freezing temperatures.  Next Up:  Tina Donahue's Take Me Away.  I'm up to chapter 4 and enjoying it!

Feb 1974:
My (then) best friend Kim's birthday is Feb 13th, and we had a great time at her birthday party.  Someone had given her Silly Putty as a gift, and when the party was over, it came up missing.  I don't know who got the idea to check the bottom of everyone's shoes, but it was discovered on the bottom of my other best friend Tad's shoe!

I don't remember who my 'valentine' was that year.  Probably just my mom, ha ha!

Favorite shows included Sonny and Cher Variety Show, Little House on the Prairie, Happy Days, Match Game '74, and Wheel of Fortune.  And of course, watching The Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night.

Present Day:
I've survived Week #2 w/o my laptop!  Plus, I've begun writing a sequel to Kenzie's paranormal story, and am 5 pages in so far.  I submitted Book #1, and should hear yes or no by the end of the week.

Olympic Update:
Even though the Opening Ceremony is tomorrow, a few events aired tonight:
Figure Skating (Team Event):  This is new, and in Round #1, the Men's short program, Russia and Japan dominated while USA's Jeremy choked and Canada's Patrick Chan had one or two mistakes.  Pairs:  Again, Russia dominated, but Canada and USA did well.  Over all, USA is in 7th position.  If we can't score well in Ice Dancing and Women's short, then we're eliminated.  Only the top 5 move to the finals.

Snowboarding:  Shaun White pulled out, in order to concentrate on the half-pipe; USA (I think) is headed to the semi-finals.  In women's, USA's Jamie is headed to the finals.

Freestyle Skiing (Moguls):  Strong show by USA and Canada:)

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