Friday, February 14, 2014

Flashback Friday: My Writing Sucks??

Feb 1984:
In my Senior English class, we had to write about a special vacation memory.  I chose to recap the wonderful day on the beach in St. Pete, Florida, where I dared to try out my flirting ability.  I enjoyed writing the story, but when our student teacher attempted to read it out loud, she had trouble with my handwriting and I discovered I was the only one who caught the humor.

Afterward, the comments were brutal.  I'd wandered a bit; my classmates didn't understand or couldn't 'see' the visual I'd tried to paint with words; and due to Miss A's stumbling over my sloppy handwriting, my beloved memory was given a low C.  I was crushed.  Maybe Mrs Y in the 9th grade had been wrong about me?  Or had the undisciplined past two years completely destroyed my storytelling abilities?  I resolved to do better the next time.

And received an unexpected boost:  Our teacher fell on the ice and broke her leg, meaning we'd have a substitute the rest of the year.  Our format changed; instead of having the teacher read our work out loud, we gathered in groups to read and dissect each other's work.  This went a little better.

Senior-itis?  Or Rebellion?
I was the only H.E.R.O. member who worked during the school day, so when our class planned a trip to Showbiz Pizza (now called Chuck E Cheese), I rebelled.  I informed my  band teacher I was not going to be in school that day, due to another class outing.  After work, I would simply meet my friend Karen at a pre-arranged place and we'd head to the pizza place.  But it snowed, and Head Start was cancelled for the day.  When I arrived and discovered this fact, I went with Karen to her house, instead of returning to school.  We watched MTV (which we didn't get, due to not having cable) and then went on to Showbiz, where no one else showed up.  I returned to school and found three people furious with me.  I had to apologize to my HERO and band teachers, then report to the assistant principal's office.  She basically saw that it was the 1st time I'd made an infraction like this in my entire school career, and let me off with a verbal warning.  Relieved, I returned to my mom's office.  She, however, was upset and gave me her version of a detention.  I was not to leave the office or even get up except to administer 1st Aid to anyone who needed it, or answer the phone.

I found out later she went down to the band room and LAUGHED about it, saying I'd finally rebelled!  If Mom only knew....

Heart on My Sleeve?
Tired and fed up with B's continuing 'fan club' and the attentions of his newest 'groupie' Kym, I saved up my allowance to buy him a heart-shaped cookie with 'Te Amo' on it.  I'd also written him a three page letter, and delivered both in person.  I then avoided him for the rest of the day.

The next day, we resumed our daily conversations, and I did not bring up that letter or the cookie.  I did notice Kym quit coming around, and after one particularly exhaustive ball game, he hugged me after I congratulated him on his record 12 points.

Years later, I asked him what he'd done with that letter and he said he still had it!  I told him to throw it away; don't know if he ever did or not!

Next Month:  Basketball ups and downs.

Present Day:
Loving the Sochi Olympics!  And dearly missing my laptop.

Karaoke songs for tomorrow:
The Gambler-Kenny Rogers
Game of Love-Santana with Michelle Branch
Games People Play-Alan Parsons
You Haven't Seen The Last of Me-Cher

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


Melissa Keir said...

My worst memory of junior high involved a love letter. I'd written one to Tom and he got the letter and went with his friends to the local hot dog joint. They laughed over the heartfelt letter then threw it on the roof of the place. When I heard about the story, I was embarrassed and heartbroken. But I learned a lesson to never put things in writing that you didn't want someone else to read. :(

Molly Daniels said...

I also learned that the hard way my 8th grade year! Oooohhhh, to go back and slap myself....