Friday, February 28, 2014

Flashback Friday: Labor Pains

Feb 2004:
The Fetus Who Cried Wolf...
Okay; by now you've probably all heard (and are sick of hearing) me tell the story about the night I went into labor with the youngling.  But did you know what he did the previous three weeks?

Feb 1-7:  Pretty normal; I began having Braxton-Hicks (false labor) contractions, but once I began moving around, they went away.

Feb 8-14:  Hubby and I went out to dinner on Valentine's Day and joked to our server about the labor possibility, then proceeded to scare her when we signaled for a refill.  She thought we wanted the check, and were headed to the hospital!  We all had a good laugh and finished our meal.

Feb 15-21:  Walking around the house did not ease up the contractions, so I called the dr.  Five minutes later, all contractions stopped.  This happened at least twice this week.

Feb 22-28:  I went in for my regular appointment and embarrassed my kids by wearing my PJ's when we dropped them off.  I was certain I was going to be admitted.  But once again, after arriving at the office, the contractions quit.  I was, however, dilated to ONE.

Feb 29th:  Yes, this was Leap Year.  I was huge, uncomfortable, and just wanted the baby to be born!  I waddled out of church that morning and went into the Community Center to use the bathroom, since it had a handicapped stall.  When I came out, a good friend laughed at the way I was walking.  I pulled my maternity pants to below my belly, pulled up my shirt to above my belly, and said, "If you were carrying this around, you'd walk funny too!"  He laughed and helped me back to the car.

10:30pm:  I'm watching the Oscars and had to use the restroom.  D was taking a shower, so I went to the kids'.  I finished and tried to stand up.  Heard a pop! and felt water gushing out.  S came out of her room, yelling at the dog to stop drinking out of the toilet, then saw me.  I sent her to get her father.

She returned with 'He said,'so?''

I managed to stand up, then dripped all the way into the other bathroom.  My water had never broken at home before, and given my history of speedy births, didn't want the kid to arrive in the toilet, and certainly not on Feb 29th!

We made it to the hospital at midnight and I was thrilled when Lord of the Rings won Best Picture.  Then I settled back and cooperated with everyone:)

I was able to experience an epidural (I'd given birth naturally the first 2 times) and the youngling was born at 3:29am.

Next Month:  I am finally able to give up sex for Lent!

Present Day:
We're expecting a snow storm this weekend, so don't know if I'll be able to go to karaoke.  The youngling's birthday is tomorrow (the big 1-0!) and we're hoping to take him to Gattytown in E'ville or our own Gatty's here in town.  I know we most likely will NOT be traveling to Terre Haute on Sunday to meet the grandparents.

Planned 'Roke Songs:
Ghost Riders In The Sky
Gimme All Your Lovin'
Genie In A Bottle
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

If you're in the path of the storm, stay warm and safe!

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