Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September Goals

How well did I do in August?
-Enjoy trip to Indy for spouse's Dr. Appt Check!
-Mail pkg to HS friend Not yet
-Do well at 1st Friday Art Walk (am skipping Watermelon Festival as vendor this year) Sold 2:)
-Do well at State Fair the 6th (0), 7th (Sold 9!), and 8th (Sold 9!  Total:  18!)
-Do well at Collectors Carnival Sold 4:)
-Do well at MOA (Sold 5!) as well as SAFE trip Check!  5 detours going, only 2 returning, lol!
-Enjoy visit with family Check!  Even got to see Kristin, Steve, Megan, and Alec:)
-Add words to Regrets #2 Nope; other wip taking over brain... and new WIP Check:)....and type it up not yet
-Organize more basement Filled two more totes!
-Work on both Green and Brown houses
-Order Dreamscape ($10 sent; still need to send rest.) CR (Check!), and Whispers copies Check!
-Lose 5 pounds (starting weight:  232:)  Gained 2 pounds; too much pizza and good food this month??

Ortho Update:
I've been upgraded to an As-Needed status, and still need to keep an eye on my shoulder.

Books Read:  2
           Print:  2

Karaoke Songs Added:  6

September Goals:
-Do well at Cil-Con Sold 2:)
-Do well at Indy Author Event Sold 2:)
-Do well at Saluki Con Sold 7:)
-Mail pkgs to MN and Carmel 9/2:  Have envelopes addressed! 9/9:  Ready to seal up! 9/13:  On their way!
-Organize more basement
-Do some work in Green house Check!
-Order inventory (Dreamscapes (Check!), CR, HLC (Check!), Bad Decisions (Check!) and FL (check!)
-Lose 5 pounds (starting:  234)
-Add more words to Regrets #2 and new wip, plus type it up

Payment Schedule:
Aug 24-30:  37
Aug 31-Sept 6: 18
Sept 13th Payday hours:  55
     -Projected income: $559 + $50 Winning Together bonus=$609
          -$60 to church; pay (Neuburgh) medical bill ($50).  Bank all funds ($499) for Indy Author Fair+ $20 CC sales + $43 left over from CC= $562-$44 (present for future DIL)=$518-$60 (IC award banquet Check!)-$60 (promo)=$398-$140 (car rental)=$258-$45 (Rivet Craft Fair Check!)=$213-$5 food items for work=$209-$15 (lunch)-$20 (gas)=$174-$38 (Walmart)=$136-60 (2020 MOA 1/2 payment)=$75-$10 (other items)=$65 banked-$15 (FL copies)=$50
                 7-13:  24
                14-20:  25
Sept 27th Payday hours: 49 
    -Projected income: $536
          -$53 to church; $50 (Maurices Check!); Bank all funds ($433) for Saluki Con + $37 (banked) +20 IAF sales=$490-$70 (fundraiser check!)=$420-$28 promo=$392-$40 cash=$352-$2 (tea for trip)=$350-$188 (hotel)=$162-$73 expenses=$89 banked-$51 (Dreams copies ordered check!)=$38 banked.  Order TP ($61 credit card check!)
                 21-27:  29
                 28- Oct 5:  16

Payments/Expenses List:
-Cil-Con expenses-Sept ($340 car rental, $112 hotel, $30 food, $15 gas)
-Indy Author Fair expenses (Sept 13-15):  $340 rental car,  $12 Food/$38 gas
-Saluki Con expenses-Sept ($340 car rental (credit card), $203 ($25 refunded after stay) hotel. $66 food and $40 gas.)  
-Imaginarium (Oct):  $125 (9/9-Check!)+$60 award banquet(9/13-check!)+ expenses ($130 hotel, $340 rental car, food, gas)
-ICTAHS:  $240+expenses (gas/rental car/food/lodging) (Sept-Oct) ($50 sent 5/10; $50 sent 6/21...now owe $140)
-Rivet Craft Fair:  $45 (Sept 16th Check!)
-2020 MOA table fee $110 (9/17:  Pd $60)
-Weekend With The Authors 2020 and 2021:  20 (reader ticket, hotel/gas/food/rental car); 21:  $225-300 table fee; hotel/gas/food/rental car
List is shrinking!  Nearly all booth fees are paid; all that's left are ICGAHS (Nov) and WCC Christmas Craft Show (either Nov or Dec)!

September Reading Schedule:
Quiet Strength-Tony Dungy DRR!  Excellent book of faith, determination, and never giving up:)
Life Expectancy-Dean Koontz  Amazing story!  Did NOT see the first, or even second, twist coming!  I MUST go buy this book! (read it in the break room at work from the 'library'.)

Karaoke Songs:
Unbeautiful-Lesley Roy DNH
Roll To Me-Del Amitri Voice cracked a few times; so-so
Brass In Pocket-Pretenders Nailed it!  Better than the 1st time I sang it, imho!
F'ing Perfect-Pink  Nailed it:)  Crowd pleaser!
9/7:  Mattoon, Il
White Liar-Miranda Lambert Felt like I was singing acapella; couldn't hear myself in the speakers.  Still, did well:)
Who Knew-Pink Blew the 2nd verse, but otherwise, okay
F'n Perfect (clean)-Pink Not bad, considering I had to cough, but couldn't!
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around-Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty Nailed it:)
Magic Power-Triumph Did well!
I Will Be-Leona Lewis Nailed it:)
Unchained Melody-Righteous Brothers Did well:)
Roll With It-Steve Winwood Blew a few lines, but over all, not too bad.
Build Me Up Buttercup-Foundations Did fairly well...
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey-Paul McCartney Surprisingly enough, he had this one!  Did well, and had fun singing it! May need to resing, since the camera batteries, the FRESH ones, died.  Ugh.  UPDATE:  Apparently I failed to hit 'record'???  Geez...*headslap* 9/26:  Did well AND caught it on camera!
Roll With the Changes-REO Speedwagon Nailed it!
Under The Boardwalk-The Drifters Ugh....too low on verses.
Behind These Hazel Eyes-Kelly Clarkson Did well:)

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