Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thank God Social Media Wasn't Around 40 Years Ago!

The PC police have lost their minds.

First it was a certain political commentator getting fired for simply wondering why it's considered racist to put on makeup at Halloween, if you choose to go as a member of another race.  Social Media backlash had her issuing an apology, and ultimately got her fired from the show/network.  OMG....

Then pictures surfaced of a governor wearing blackface at a college party.  Social media was again in an uproar....but he still has his job.

Now the Canadian PM is on an apology tour, all because TEN YEARS AGO he dressed up as an Arab, with makeup to darken his face and hands.  Plus, he admits he dressed up as a Latino in HS for a talent show.


I remember in the 4th grade when we had to read biographies, then dress up as the main character.  The first book I'd read was about an African-American female who organized schools.  The second one was Abigail Addams.  Who did I choose to dress up as?  The 2nd, because I was the only one with a black character, and didn't want to 'stand out'.


Another (male) classmate picked up that book and decided to dress as the MC.  He showed up in drag, in full blackface, for that hour or so we had our 'character hour'.

I guess he's lucky there were no pictures of the event and the fact he's not in the public eye?

Does the A/A have this issue?  If any choose to chalk their face in order to dress up like, say, a Disney princess, will they receive backlash?  Or dare wear an authentic Disney mask?  I just don't get it.

I found a book with Little Black Sambo in it in August.  I didn't have the funds to buy it at the time, but I did read it and fondly remember a childhood story that is now banned for its 'racist overtones'.  I love Uncle Remus, the movie Song of the South, and the stories of Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, and Brer Fox.

But that doesn't make me racist.....I have friends of all color, religions, and cultures!  My own family has biracial members.  So where is the line drawn, or is this an elaborate attempt to be overly 'socially conscious' so we don't (god forbid!) 'offend' anyone?

People have forgotten it's IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone.  Christians' rights are being quashed for public prayer, just because some non-believers objected.  Patriotism is being quashed because some misguided people think our flag is offensive.  BUT, if we stand up, we are loudly trounced as being 'racist', 'offensive', and 'wrong'.

It's a no-win situation, and if something isn't done with the extreme left, we're going to reverse 400 years of progress.  Where is the next 'new land' to start over?  Where are this generation's Founding Fathers?

Or are they already here and we need to let them speak?

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