Monday, September 9, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #24

Day 117:
Shift was busy!  Wasn't able to do my soda count until nearly 5, and then only got the left side before more customers arrived.  Marci relieved me for lunch at 5:10, so I finished the count when I returned, while she was ringing up three more.  Things slowed a little after 6; I was able to get the closing duties accomplished by 8:30, and emptied the outside trash.

Just realized I'd left the bags on the counter, and forgot to shut off the fan.  Oops....Also need to talk to Tasha; I've got the 26th off instead of the 27th, AND it says I'm supposed to come in on a Sunday, from 7-9 AM???  We don't open til 9 on Sunday....not sure what's going on there.

Outfit:  Blue flowery tee, dark capris.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes as well?

Day 118:  
Shift was again busy, but did get my soda count finished before 5.  Marci relieved me at 6,and after lunch, did my closing duties.  A new Return policy was implemented, since sometime yesterday a $550 mistake was made (not by me).  So now, we have to call down the HC to do a return.

Several people had called in, but Jordan arrived as Ian was leaving, so we had a loader.

Had a kid want to scan an item, so I let him, and he was thrilled!  (Kindergarten age)  Told him to come back after he graduated from HS and work during the summers between college semesters.  His mother was amused....

Found out about Sunday the 22nd:  It's a store wide meeting, to discuss the past three month's progress.  Told Tasha about my issue on the 26th-27th; she said she'd take care of it.  Whew!

Outfit:  White Flamingo tee, faded denim capris.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes well!

Day 119:  Final Long Day....
Ran late, due to a stopped train, and didn't get a chance to go anywhere for lunch, since we were out of Miracle Whip, and there wasn't any time to make something hot.  So I toughed it out for three hours until Scott Shipman from Helping His Hands showed up and began talking food.  When I jokingly complained about being hungry, Scott bought me a Snickers.....and 5 minutes later, Brenda arrived to relieve me.  We'd been fairly steady, but I was able to get the soda count finished.  After lunch, things sort of died down, and I was able to get most of my closing duties finished by 8.  A gentleman arrived, wanting roofing shingles, but didn't understand why our price was higher than the Terre Haute's price.  Called Tasha, who came down to look at his receipt, and said she wasn't willing to price-match; that TH was in a different region, and therefore, different prices.  IMHO, she let an $685 sale go out the window b/c she wasn't going to drop the price $200.  Guy said he would go to TH for his shingles in the morning and walked out.  I locked the doors, helped bring in the rest of the carts, returned a container of screws to Hardware, and went to my locker.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes just as well as today!

Outfit:  God Bless The USA tee and faded denim capris, for 9/11

Day 120
Shift went well!  Steady, but not slammed.  Brenda relieved me at 5:30, and when I returned 30 minutes later, she informed me it had been non-stop the entire time!  After I took over again, things slowed down so I could get my closing duties accomplished, even washing the main doors for the first time in 2 months.

Robert came in with ten minutes left, and I jokingly told him 'time's ticking; hurry your ass up!'  It was also extremely hot and humid, and Scott was bringing in the carts, wringing wet.  I offered to throw water on him, and he began avoiding me, ha ha.....

Outfit:  Florida tee, faded denim capris

Three day weekend and PAYDAY!  Whoot!

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