Monday, September 23, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #26

Day 126:  Store Meeting
Enjoyed hearing we were #1 in the region for sales, and the fact we'd beaten HD!  Answered a question correctly and won a $10 gift card to Wendy's. Discovered the #1 complaint this past week on the survey was the fact the Christmas decorations were out! Took home a few doughnuts.

Outfit:  Blue Vancouver tee, black leggings.

Day 127:
Shift went well!  It was steady, and time moved fast.  Cassie relieved me at 7:30 and when I returned, I was able to get the soda cooler stocked, and my closing duties accomplished.

Checked the flow chart for Thurs; there's no one scheduled for my shift, so I'm guessing I can show up and work it?  I still can't see the other cashiers' schedules, since the computer still thinks I'm at the CS desk.  *eye roll*

Outfit:  White tee, green vest, dark denim capris.

Day 128: Eye Roll Night....
Was asked to come in early; went in at 4.  As I was walking toward Lumber, one of the new staff members asked me where the wood glue was.  Told him either Paint or Hardware.  Took ten steps and a customer asked me about flooring trim.  We were in front of that aisle, so I told him to try looking there, or go down to Flooring.  Started up aisle #19, wondering if another question would be thrown my way, and another newbie staff member asked where we kept the 2x10s.  Told him aisle 20:)  Arrived just in time to check out Karaoke Steve, and discovered I had a 'shadow'...a newbie who was in training for a Specialist.  Also discovered we have a new Lumber Associate, Will.

A brindled Pit came in, very friendly!  1st half of the shift went very well, then I was sent on break at 6.  Returned at 6:30 and the next hour was rough....had to have two overrides, plus ones and pennies!  Things settled down after that, but around 8, HC MK came down and 'caught' me parking an 'H' cart by the 1st lumber stack, and reprimanded me, saying the other managers complain when they see me 'wandering'.  Ummmm...why?  I'm helping out my associates, and if I'm not allowed to go ten feet past the register, then I can't even *technically* lock the doors, or even wash them, or even empty the coffee pot trash!  Makes no sense....Told Cassie about it and even SHE rolled her eyes!

We did manage to finish up by a quarter after nine!  D took me to Denny's, since I'd only had 2 Snicker bars for 'dinner'.

Outfit:  Rebel Be Free tee, faded denim capris, zirconian earrings

Day 129:
Was asked to come in at 3, and the minute I arrived, HC Mel asked if I could come in Thurs at 3.  I said sure:)  Clocked in at 3 and we were fairly steady until 6pm.  Sacred relieved me at 6:20, and when I returned, she said she'd had maybe 5 customers in that time.  It was also an evening of returns, arriving with items not needed, and a printer malfunction.  A woman returned half a pallet of concrete, then purchased 42 more, then decided to only take 30 with her.  AFTER I set up the other 12 to be picked up later, she changed her mind and decided to take it with her.  I tried to print out the loading ticket, but printer refused to print.

Discovered after I pulled all the trash our dumpster was missing, so had to haul all the trash to the compactor, in addition to the lighting, tile, and hardware items to return.  We did clock out around 9:20:)

Outfit:  Blue safety tee, faded denim capris, gold hoop earrings (larger ones).

Here's hoping tomorrow goes smoothly!

Day 130:
Had a weird thing happen when I tried to clock in.  I already knew I'd have to add a note, since it was *technically* my day off, but after I hit the button, it asked, 'Are you clocking in?'  Yes... 'You are clocking in late.  Your shift was to start at 12:59...'  WTH?  No it was NOT!  Everyone got a kick out of the obvious glitch...

Shift was steady all the way to 7:30; I barely got the soda count finished by 5pm.  HC Aggie came down and was taking a survey; I handed her the sheet.  She had a few Diet Mt Dews and waters, then brought the rest down around 7.  Had a few stragglers at 8:30, then a woman came in 4 mins before we closed.  She didn't check out through me, but I watched her walk across the parking lot at 5 after.

Told Scott I'd be willing to work from 3-5, but if I HAVE to, I'll work the entire shift and drive down afterward.  I don't want to have to do that, but they're extremely short-staffed tomorrow, and I don't want to have to do that.  So I'm praying it's resolved by the time I call in tomorrow at 1pm.

Outfit:  White spatter tee, black/white vest, faded denim capris

Day 131:  I Have An Attitude....
....and it actually made my shift go well!  No real issues tonight, except for when I went to tie my shoe and used one of the shelves as a support....and it gave way.  Jordan spent the rest of the night trying to repair it, only to discover the main support had been damaged when he'd hit it with the forklift last weekend! 

Got to see Tracy, Elaine's hubby, and another guy from Karaoke, whom we're actually not very happy with.  He divorced his wife and started dating someone else....well now he's married her...'3rd time's the charm', he says,  We'll see how this plays out....

I did let one couple swap out two electrical boxes, instead of doing a 'proper' return....told them they'd caught me in a rebellious mood, and they had my blessing to do that!  They bought 4 more, and those are the only ones I rang up!

At the end of the shift, AMgr Scott thanked me for coming in, and I told him that in two weeks, I'd need Friday the 11th off, since I was not about to drive to Louisville at midnight.  He said he'd take care of it, and smiled when I said I only had two more shows during the week, and had requested one Tues per month off, so I could attend my writers meeting in Washington.  Hopefully, he'll fix it.

As I write this, I have safely arrived in Carbondale, Il for Saluki Con, and am headed to bed.  See you next week!

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