Monday, September 30, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #27

Day 132:
Went in at 5, and just felt sluggish, sort of like 'Convention Hangover' or 'Adrenaline Let Down'.  Had one customer want us to price match a rival store, but it wasn't the same brand or thickness.  I would have done it, but was overruled by HC Cindy.

Our final customer of the night took a long time to load up their trailer.  Myself, Karlie, and Cassie ran carts while Kyle was helping them.

I got mad at whomever worked over the weekend and didn't empty the outside was FULL, and had to empty part of it into another bag just to to be able to tie it off!

Got to see both Hunter Mundy and Logan (blonde Hunter's sister)

Cindy asked me to come in at 3 the rest of the week, since Tiff's still hospitalized.

Outfit:  White 'Faith' tee, faded denim capris

Day 133:
Shift began on a high note; was in a good mood for the first two hours, and then all of a sudden, got hit with a wave of sleepiness that I couldn't shake!  Just wanted to curl up and go to sleep.  Had one gentleman get upset (apparently!) when I was on Reg #2, ringing up a customer until the ones on Reg #1 returned with the correct water heater.  He stepped up at the same time #1 arrived, so I opted to finish ringing up #1.  #2 laid his items down and left.  Not sure what his issue was; #1 was rung up within minutes!  Oh well....

D brought my lunchbox with four lunchables and a bag of Dark Chocolate Oreos, which I shared with several coworkers before placing them in my locker at 6.  Shared Benjamin's Lil' Caesar pizza, then went back to work.

We had a few rushes between 6:30-8:30, but everyone cleared out by 8:45.  Was able to get all closing duties finished, and we clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Black square neck blouse, dark capris, zirconian stud earrings.

Hoping tomorrow is another nice, relaxing day!

Day 134:
Tiff showed up today!  Turned out she'd had pneumonia.  Thankfully, I got to Lumber before she did....they sent her to LG.

I felt as if I was underwater all day....and about 45 mins into my shift, I experienced an intestinal issue and had to go home to change.  Rachel came down to relieve me, and Courtney was able to run me home.  D took me back, and I wondered if I'd get my 30 min break.  Did NOT; just a 15.

Reg 1 ran out of pennies, plus the scanner rebelled, so swapped them out.  Went back to Reg 2 and stayed there (swapping back the scanners), since we had no HC.  Soda didn't get pulled, and again, we had no customers after 8:45. so was able to get all closing duties finished.

One thing pissed me off, though.  Saw an email about new attendance policies, and Mgr T was in the break room, so asked her.  "I'm on lunch."

WTH?  You can't take a few minutes to tell me the new policies?  Geez....

Outfit:  Purdue tee, faded denim capris/patterned leggings, gold patterned hoop earrings.

Here's hoping Thursday is another nice, relaxing day!

Day 135:
Shift began, well, on a strange note!  I'd gone to lunch at McAllister's, and was running slightly late.  Went directly to Lumber to drop off my tea and log in (at 2:58!), but the 1st computer was balky.  So moved to the 2nd and logged in, then walked as fast as I could to the break room to get my vest.  When I returned, rang up a few customers, then couldn't find my phone.  Shut off my light and went back to break phone, but took the opportunity to take a fast pit stop.  Returned to register and was about to call CS...when I spotted said phone beside the 1st computer!  Geez....

Showed Courtney how to do the soda count, and we were slow the rest of the day.  Had a 'rush' around 7, and that's about the time when #1 ran out of pennies, and had to use #2 the rest of the night.  Again, Lumber was empty by 8:45, and HC Mel had me cleaned out by ten after 9.  Shut off the fan, returned a paint roller, then went to my locker.  We all clocked out at 9:20.

Found this when I went up front:

I never dreamed I was the top cashier for the week, in terms of Scan vs Hand-Key, since in Lumber, I have to hand-key in certain codes that won't scan!  I did check my Dashboard this morning and found out I was up to 87%!  Normally I hover between 83-85%.

Here's hoping Friday is good; it's Homecoming, so thinking we should be slow all night.  Hope I don't jinx it!

Outfit:  Black lace tee, patterned leggings, copper oval larimar earrings.

Day 136:
I have to be fighting something off, because this is the 5th day in a row I've felt 'off'.  Just want to crawl into bed and sleep for the next 12 hours!  The first hour of my shift was slow, then I got hit with a rush at 5 that lasted the next 90 minutes.  When Jill relieved me at 6:30, I was finalizing a Delivery order, that turned into a Pick Up Later.  When I returned at 7, I'd just missed our Indian lady who always wants everything discounted, and I guess she got vocal about wanting her insulation 70% off, and was upset when it wasn't authorized.

The last two hours were busy, and went by fast.  Lumber customers were gone by 8:45, so locked the doors on time and had my cash register emptied by 9:10.

Tonight surprised me; I thought surely with Homecoming happening tonight, we'd be slow!  Apparently the cooler weather energized everyone?

Outfit:  Temps were only in the 70s, so layered my light blue sweatshirt over my blue floral tee and older jeggings.

I'm scheduled back to 5-close for next week, and right now, the schedule still says I'm working on Friday.  Need to talk to Tasha to make sure it's changed!

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