Monday, September 2, 2019

Life In Lumber: Week #23

Day 114:  Labor Day!
Today's shift was weird.  Arrived; went down to Lumber, only to discover Tiff was there.  Went back up front to confirm, and was asked to hop on a register to help with the crowd.  Remembered I'd not clocked in yet, so after Customer A was taken care of, shut off my light and clocked in at paint.  Went back up front, but crowd was gone.  HC Cindy sent me to Lumber, just as Kem was leaving.  Tiff wanted #1, so I hopped on #2.  Customer B paid by check....and locked up the printer.  Called HC Aggie down to see what was going on, and ended up moving his order to #3, so the check could be processed.  Customer C paid with his card, but printer refused to print the receipt.  By the time Customer D arrived, I was fed up and had moved to #3.....just as Marci arrived and told me to go back up front to #9!

So back up front I went....and stayed there until 6:30, when I went back to Lumber to give Tiff her fifteen minute break.  Spent the rest of the shift up front, and had issues with #13....the scanner acted up a few times.  Cassie was filling the soda machines, so took over #10 for the rest of the evening.  After we closed, I emptied the bathroom and break room trash, then we clocked out.  Turned out I'd been given a blessing; Tiff had an issue with a customer at the end.

Here's hoping everything's back to 'normal'??  I want a nice steady evening, not slammed, but so I have time to both write and do my closing duties!!  Might end up being late tomorrow, due to the spouse's eye appointment, and if his eyes are still dilated at 2:30.

Outfit:  Black square neck blouse, dark denim capris, dangly heart earrings.

Day 115: Back to Normal:)
1st half of the shift was steady, and only froze up the register once, lol!  After lunch, things tapered off, though still steady, and was able to get my closing duties finished.  Locked all doors, then left my trash for Jordan and went to empty the bathroom trash.  Walked into the break room to put my vest away and collect my keys (hubby's eyes were dilated earlier, so I had to drive myself) and saw Cassie walking out the other door.  There was someone in the Men's room, so flushed all the toilets in the Women's room and emptied the trash, then did the same to the Men's.  Went to get bags, then heard C page me....found a phone and told her, rather snippily, that I had one more trash can to line, then take the trash to the compactor before I'd be up front.  Told HC Cindy later that the LEAST Cass could have done was HELP me!

Had to get two gallons of milk before going home.  Discovered why I couldn't do the 'swap shift' on the computer; according to it, I'm supposed to be in Customer Service this week instead of Lumber!  Told Tasha I'd double-check with Makayla and fill out the request form up front.

Outfit:  Yellow tee, dark denim capris, small gold textured earrings.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes just as smoothly!

Day 116:
Shift went well!  First two hours was crazy, with Kim handling a $3K transaction, full of flooring, cabinets, and lumber, and tying up both #2 and 3!  After the customer finally paid and got everything loaded, things settled down.  I went to lunch at 5:20, and when I returned an hour later, was able to do all my closing duties.  Discovered M wants more hours, so I've got tomorrow off.  Requested my October days off (4th and 11th), and accidentally put in for the 10th as well (head slap!).  They really shouldn't allow me to request my own days off....

Outfit:  Purdue tee, patterned leggings.

Next week should be rather normal, I hope!

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