Monday, September 16, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #25

Day 121:  Cut Back To 20 Hours
Was asked to come in at 3, due to several call-ins.  Spent two hours in Lumber, then was sent up front, where I stayed the rest of the shift.  Things were fairly steady, with some mild 'rushes'.  Nothing really stood out, other than the fact we were able to leave by 9:15!

Did have one gentleman ask me if I wanted to go home with him and help him install 20 rolls of insulation....I told him that was a little outside my area of expertise, though if pizza was involved, I'd be happy to go along and supervise the project!  He got a kick out of it.

Outfit:  Blue/white striped tee, faded denim capris.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes smoothly!

Day 122:  Back Up Front....
Got called in early again, but this time, due to laundry issues, I arrived at 4.  Saw Dave and Connie Combs, and rang up their new washer and dryer.  Saw one gentleman 3 times, and another mother/daughter duo twice.

We were slow, so again was able to clock out by 9:15:)

Outfit:  Blue/white 'wings' shirt, faded denim capris.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes smoothly!

Day 123:  Back In Lumber!
Was thrilled to be back in my 'happy place'!  Shift went well, all but for two incidents.  A)  Woman came down and said Jordan had given her half off her insulation, due to being out of the double pkg, and that she'd spoken to a manager that morning and he authorized her entire purchase to be 45% off.  HC Cindy reluctantly agreed, but wasn't happy about it.  Then, close to closing time, Jordan gave a couple a trash can full of scrap lumber for free.  Mgr Scott happened to see them loading it up and asked me about it.....then informed me we NEVER give away the scraps for free.  He chewed J out, saying 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'.

Otherwise, got all my closing duties accomplished, including mucking out under all the mats and wiping down the counters, and even the top of the soda cooler.

Outfit:  Smart Women tee, faded denim capris.

Day 124, 9-19-19
Tonight went well!  Took my break at 7:30, so only had little over an hour to finish my closing duties.  Even got the windows washed:)  Cindy called down and asked if I'd be willing to come in at 3 tomorrow...I said sure:)

Outfit:  Brown shirt, faded denim capris, brown and clear cluster earrings.

Day 125:  TGIF!
Again, shift went well:)  Didn't have any real crisis.  Aliscia relieved me at 6:15 for lunch, and when I returned, had to hop on #2 to help her out.  Woman came in to get one sheet of drywall; I found the one she wanted and rang her up, then Jordan loaded it for her.  A short while later, a man returned it, saying she'd gotten the wrong one, and was upset because someone had been rude to her.  I apologized for any slight toward her, and tried to help him find what he needed. 

While I was sweeping the floor, a man stopped me and said 'This is the cleanest Lowes I've ever been in!'  I smiled and thanked him.

At 8:45, we had six people in line; Karlie came down to help me ring everyone up.

Outfit:  Blue sports tee, patterned leggings.

I'm off for the weekend!  We have a store meeting on Sunday, and will get paid for two hours to eat and talk to Steve:)

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