Friday, November 6, 2009

Fabulous Friday

The weather is beautiful! No frost this morning, and we're heading for a high in the 60's, with 70 temps expected by Sunday or Monday!

The Great Printer Hunt
What IS it with me and electronics? All I want to do is print out three sheets of promo labels. I downloaded the template, as my Word program didn't have the right one. I put my info into the template and saved it, both to the hard drive and to my flash. Everything is fine.

I go to Office Max. What? The labels are wrong for your printers? That's okay; I have friends with printers, as mine isn't arriving until next month.

Friends #1-3: Printers are old and not working at the moment.

Friend #4: It printed fine, until I looked at it. There are little 00's and the format is off (something I apparently didn't notice when I hit 'print'); fine, I fix it and hit 'print' again. Nope; same problem. I fix it again and hit 'save', then 'print'. Darn thing goes back to orginal! And then I notice 'wordpad' at the top. Guess what? Their PC isn't Vista. I unplug my flash and go home.

Friend #5: Paper feed is busted. They've tried feeding it manually, but it still refuses to work.

Friend #6: Printer out of ink.

Friend #7: Yes, they have Vista and yes, the printer works. Come on over! I hustle over...but for what ever reason, her laptop refuses to open the file I emailed to myself, in the event the file on the flash is now damaged, due to the non-Vista PC. She doesn't have Word, so we try opening it in Works. It saves it to her computer, but when you click on it, a window pops up the the file 'Can't be found'. I feel like that stupid saying a week or so ago; I'm yelling at the thing, "It's saved on your hard drive! What do you mean, you can't FIND IT???"

I give up and come home; it's time to attend sports banquet.

What happens when my son is awarded his letter? My camera batteries are low and I end up cutting off half his head. AAAACCCCKKKK!!!!

We come home, and I sit down at the computer. Earlier, I'd frantically emailed my crit partners.

Friend #8: "Sorry; printer's not working. Sorry!"

So today, I'm on a quest for a printer that will work with me. I have a few other people I've not tried, including throwing myself on the mercy of a few businesses in town, even the library. Surely SOMEONE can print it out for me? Otherwise, I'll be reduced to hand-lettering 180 labels. And my hand-printing is barely legible, let alone onto a label which is 2/3" x 1 3/4"!

Why am I banging in my head in frustration over this? A new promo idea, for the Vendor Blender and Santa Stroll this month. The Vendor Blender is tonight and tomorrow; there are 35 vendors setting up at the 4-H building in Washington, IN tonight from 4-8:30 and tomorrow from 9-3. The Santa Stroll is the 20th and 21st in our downtown area. I'll be at the Open Art Gallery from 5-9 on the 20th and 10am-6pm on the 21st. Bookmarks are getting expensive, so I'm trying the label-on-the-Smartie route. Call me strange, but I still have the Smartie wrapper from the winner of the Chili Cookoff in September!

CBS Time Travel: Yesterday, 1954:
-Year my spouse was born!
-Transister radio
-Nuclear-powered submarine
-Brown vs Board of Education
-Senator McCarthy's Communism Witch Hunt
-Marilyn Monrow
-Miss America televised
-The Platters, Elvis
-I Love Lucy
-TV Dinners

I wasn't born yet; nor were my parents even close to knowing each other! They were only 11 and 12. However, thanks to radio, I love 'Only You' and 'The Great Pretender' by the Platters (did they also do 'It's Twightlight Time'??), and nearly everyone knows Elvis and I Love Lucy!

To-Do List:
-Aforementioned Great Printer Hunt
-Picking up my bookmarks
-Signing tonight (I also need to locate one or two tablecloths)

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Hang in'll find a printer. Best wishes for a successful signing!

Regina Carlysle said...

Saw on FB you finally got em printed. YAY!!! Technology can be soooo frustrating though.

Unknown said...

Good luck with getting your labels printed and also your book signings.

I wasn't here in 54 either, although my parents married in 50. But I've always been fascinated with the 50's and think it would have been fun to be a teenager back then.