Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Snapshot

"I'm Spiderman!"

'Spiderman', 'Vampira', and a dark Angel going out to scare the neighbors!

My friend M 'Alice' and her daughter C:)

Our house. Can you see our 'Dead Jose Jalapeno on a schteeeeek', lol? He still scared a few kids!

After Halloween was over, 'Spiderman' proved to still be among us!

Thursday night.

J lettered in football....

....and so did K! Darn camera batteries were low; I didn't get the shots I wanted!

The American Legion Football Scholorship goes to JP Hammond, #27!

And finally, my booth this past weekend. No sales, but I did meet three people who want to know more about getting their work published! Two write children's books and poetry; the other self-pubbed her first book through AuthorHouse, but didn't do anything with her second. It has languished on her computer for the past five years, but for whatever reason this past week, she's had the urge to look it over. I invited her to our Writer's Guild on Tuesdays and encouraged her to bring both. I hope she does!

Looking Ahead:
Tomorrow, I'm taking S to the orthopedic dr. We received a phone call from her PE teacher; apparently she's not been dressing for gym and is failing this six-week grading period. When we questioned her, she claims her knee continues to bother her, and even the prescription pain medicine hasn't taken the pain away. Let's hope the answer will be revealed soon, and that our health insurance can cover it!

K said to me earlier, "Mom, I'm going to skip weight training this week in order to finish up that merit badge and start my community service..."

He has 28 days to finish a report; interview someone concerning the issue; and complete 8 hours of community service (he's chosen the local animal shelter and has to have an adult supervisor). We've only been nagging him about this since September...

Oh, and he also asked me on Friday if he could take his girlfriend to both the New Year's Ball and to Prom in May!

"Only when you complete your Eagle rank..."

(Rubs hands together gleefully) Bribery still works on a HS senior!


Linda Kage said...

Thanks for sharing your pics. Definitely looks like you have a permanant spiderman on your hands!

Anny Cook said...

Great pics! Looks like you enjoyed your week!

Regina Carlysle said...

Love the pics!!!